Tinto Orienteering Club   

Altarstone Forest, Broughton

18th Tinto Twin
Scottish O League 7

5th/6th November 2005

Night Event
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   Day Event
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Controller’s Comments

It was once again a pleasure to assist TINTO in staging their unique double badge event on this new area. Quality terrain in southern Scotland is scarce and I was delighted to receive the many positive comments on Blair’s courses and the forest in general.

The fine weather helped minimise the parking difficulties encountered and I would like to extend our thanks to drivers – particularly at Night – for their patience and understanding as the parking was interesting to say the least!

Special thanks to Blair for going out and locating point features to use where none appeared on the original map. This undoubtedly enhanced the quality of the courses and provided a degree of challenge on offer.

Trish co-ordinated her band of helpers well and thanks to them all for their long shifts both day and night.

The Tinto Twin remains a special event in the Scottish Orienteering Calendar and long may it continue. For those who decided not to travel down it was their loss.

Terry O’Brien

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Planner's Report

How lucky can you get with the weather! Both days started with strong winds and heavy rain but cleared up just in time for the final preparations and first starts.

I am sure that Trish will explain the difficulties we experienced with parking and this had a knock on effect to the planning. During the day this manifested itself in the extra climb before the final decent into the finish. Apologies to those who struggled with this – hopefully it didn’t prevent you enjoying the rest of your course.

Competitors have been very forthcoming in their praise and I would like to thank everyone who commented – those who didn’t like the climb were obviously too tired to complain.

The woodland, although not highly technical, has many runnable areas which I tried to link without too much obvious track running.

The night courses were planned to avoid the orienteers coming in contact with the quarries and the position of the day start tried to limit the effect of these on the courses. It also allowed for some stunning views over the Upper Tweed Valley.

My thanks to Terry for all his hard work with both the map and the courses and I am looking forward to a few normal evenings in the Young home (Lorna took the entries).

See you at next year’s event – November 4 and 5 – on an up-dated Rachan and Dreva map.

Blair Young

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Organiser's comments

This year's Tinto Twin was not easy to organise mainly due to horrendous parking problems. Most local farmers knew how sodden their fields could be at this time of year so we are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Seymour for allowing us to use the quarry and Mr Warnock of Dreva Farm for overflow parking round his barn. Without their support the event was in danger of not taking place. Other local residents were concerned about this year's new access legislation affecting their privacy and threatened to block the access road. 

Tinto only has 10 members who all deserve praise for their unstinting hard work every year.  The strain of a day and night event on such a small club is considerable. Without the fantastic support of the ever willing STAG members we would be floundering. 2 members of ELO, one ex Tinto and one Interloper also filled in the gaps. Thank you so much. We are determined to continue as we see the Tinto Twin to be a unique event and have now even attracted Swedish competitors two years running. The other person we can't thank enough every year is Robin who deals so calmly with every crisis.
There were many compliments on Blair's courses which with top quality planning made the best use of the terrain.He was ably guided once again by Terry. Thank you Terry for your attention to detail and the hours put in.

We were lucky to have glorious November weather and hope you enjoyed the weekend in this beautiful part of the Southern Uplands. Thank you for coming and please come back next year.

Trish Carmichael

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