Scottish Orienteering Association
East of Scotland Orienteering Association

Scottish Orienteering Championships

Tullochroisk,  Kinloch Rannoch

24th &25th May 2008


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25/5/08 2000 These are preliminary results. We believe that Saturday could be final, but we are still working on the relay results.
Missing links will appear as soon as possible.
25/5/08 2330 Some errors in the relay results have been corrected. Please email me with anything which you think is still wrong. We know that some runners appear with other's names.
26/5/08 2215 We believe that all relay team results are now correct, but there may still be runners' names wrong and some teams should be n/c.
27/5/08 0100 We believe that all relay results are now correct.
28/5/09/ 0010 ....  but they weren't. J40- have been corrected and also M35S on individual.  Final now?
28/5/08 2200 Results submitted to ranking system and badge times published
30/5/08 0030 Winsplits and Routegadget for the relay set up. 

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