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11.625km 270m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Hector Haines INT M21 66:30
2nd Mark Nixon FVO M21 69:19
3rd Alasdair McLeod EUOC M21 69:41
4th Tim Gomersall GRAMP M21 73:25
5th Mark Purkis EUOC M20 73:35
6th Douglas Tullie RR M21 73:57
7th Alexander Chepelin EUOC M18 74:01
8th Jamie Stevenson FVO M21 75:15
9th William Rigg EUOC M20 75:39
10th Joshua Dudley MAROC M20 77:36
11th James Tullie BASOC M21 78:49
12th Andrew Lindsay EUOC M21 84:13
13th Calum McLeod EUOC M20 84:30
14th Steve Feltbower FVO M35 84:49
15th Arnis Saltums CLYDE M21 90:45
16th Richard Purkis EUOC M21 91:57
17th Simon Gardner CLYDE M21 94:30
18th Clement Claret EUOC M21 99:11
19th Peter Gardner INT M21 103:48
20th David Eades INT M45 105:17
21st Gordon Hale CLYDE M21 120:09
22nd Stephen O'Reilly EUOC M21 134:23
w15 Murray Strain INT M21 73:12
m27 Javier Romo Sainz No Club M21 123:38



10.675km 225m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Callum White INVOC M18 70:46
2nd Thomas Wilson CLYDE M18 72:10
3rd Andrew Barr MOR M18 73:33
4th Ross McLennan FVO M35 74:31
5th Will Hensman FVO M35 74:50
6th Dave Robertson CLYDE M50 75:04
7th Benedict Stansfield FVO M45 78:30
8th Fraser Purves FVO M45 79:32
9th Jessica Tullie BASOC W21 79:52
10th Alex Carcas INT M18 80:27
11th Jo Shepherd EUOC W21 81:07
12th Mark Johnston FVO M40 82:57
13th Craig Nolan ESOC M20 83:13
14th Samuel Galloway INT M18 85:14
15th Adéla Jakobová CLYDE W21 86:31
16th Matthew Galloway EUOC M18 91:15
17th Rebecca Harding ESOC W21 91:30
18th Rona Lindsay EUOC W21 91:56
n/c Graeme Ackland INT M50 92:25
19th Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M40 92:47
20th Jari Pekkarinen KFO M45 94:19
21st Sophie Horrocks EUOC W21 95:21
22nd Katrina McLeod EUOC W21 96:02
23rd Ciara Largey FERMO W21 99:43
24th Trevor Hoey FVO M50 100:06
25th Alison Campbell EUOC W21 101:10
26th Mirjam Allik CLYDE W21 101:23
27th Bryony Harding EUOC W21 101:45
28th Mark Rowe ESOC M40 108:06
29th Terry Johnstone ESOC M45 110:59
30th Ross McMurtrie MAROC M18 115:00
31st Robert Kravcovs CLYDE M21 123:07
32nd Claire Sapwell BAOC W35 126:17
m13 m21-24 m26 Robin Galloway INT M45 82:02
m4 Jack Poole ELO M18 97:40

Short Brown


8.525km 190m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Excluded Time
1st Patrick Walder CLYDE M45 57:44 2:12
2nd Jonathan Musgrave MAROC M50 61:43 2:39
3rd Sarah Jones EUOC W20 63:54 2:21
4th Jennifer Ricketts MAROC W18 66:24 3:25
5th Brad Connor FVO M45 66:28 5:21
6th Jo Armstrong   M45 67:29 2:41
7th Fiona Berrow FVO W21 68:09 3:15
8th Andrew Campbell MOR M45 68:23 2:46
9th Robert Lee INT M50 69:14 4:49
10th Eddie Harwood MOR M60 71:12 6:54
11th Steve Wilson CLYDE M50 72:44 3:33
12th Andrew McMurtrie MAROC M45 72:53 4:23
13th Robin Orr CLYDE M50 72:58 2:51
14th David Allison STAG M50 74:17 3:08
15th Sam Gomersall GRAMP M50 74:22 3:07
16th Kenneth Milton CLYDE M45 75:55 2:19
17th Mark Wood ESOC M45 76:24 3:01
18th Stewart Reid TAY M45 79:26 4:05
19th Sarah Dunn MAROC W45 80:25 2:43
20th John Anderson ECKO M50 80:53 3:33
21st Ross Lilley ECKO M45 81:09 3:26
22nd John Mason MAROC M50 82:52 3:06
23rd Jessica Orr EUOC W21 84:05 3:41
24th Velina Valova EUOC W21 86:29 4:05
25th Iain Shepherd INVOC M50 86:53 4:42
26th Ken Daly INT M50 88:16 4:13
27th Ian Rowland ELO M50 94:17 3:09
28th Edmund Rooney RR M50 104:15 3:49
29th Tim Harding ELO M50 105:37 4:30
30th David Summers INVOC M50 113:47 4:50
31st Timothy May IND M50 125:41 11:39
m19-25 Iain Mennie CLYDE M50 87:33  



6.5km 170m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time Excluded Time
1st Callum Hunter ECKO M16 45:52 2:13
2nd James Ackland INT M16 46:46 2:10
3rd John Tullie RR M55 47:44 2:36
4th Donald Petrie CLYDE M55 50:11 2:38
5th Tom Lines ECKO M16 50:28 2:41
6th Ian Maxwell RR M55 50:42 2:59
7th Robert Hickling GRAMP M60 51:56 2:38
8th Alex Campbell BASOC M55 53:39 3:12
9th Blair Young TINTO M55 53:44 2:43
10th Robert Daly GRAMP M55 54:16 3:04
11th Freddie Carcas INT M16 54:42 3:51
12th Kirstin Maxwell RR W21 55:01 2:48
13th Rowan White INVOC M16 55:07 4:27
14th Faisal Khursheed RR M16 55:36 2:11
15th Graeme Ross INT M40 55:45 3:05
16th Bob Cherry AYROC M55 56:12 3:16
17th Grahame Nicoll TAY M55 56:44 3:25
18th Fiona Forrest RR W40 57:25 3:28
19th Lorna Eades INT W45 58:28 4:46
20th Beccy Osborn FVO W40 59:00 3:35
21st Susannah Macmillan ECKO W45 59:04 3:08
22nd Duncan Edmondson ELO M45 59:05 4:09
23rd Crawford Lindsay ESOC M60 59:12 3:21
24th Rozy Shepherd EUOC W21 60:29 3:53
25th Jonathan Molloy FVO M45 60:52 3:25
26th Ian Davidson CLYDE M55 60:55 2:42
27th Brian Bullen FVO M60 61:08 4:41
28th David Sloan TAY M40 61:59 2:28
29th Peter Halling CLYDE M60 62:00 2:58
30th Kristian Roberts EUOC M21 62:58 3:17
31st Patrick Smyth NATO M55 63:48 3:20
32nd Pete Younger ELO M60 64:08 3:16
33rd Alan Halliday MOR M60 64:14 2:50
34th Iain McLeod GRAMP M55 64:22 8:45
35th Mary Ross INT W40 66:05 3:45
36th Amjad Khursheed RR M55 66:09 5:07
37th Mark Holliday FVO M55 66:43 3:20
38th Peggy Purves FVO W40 66:54 3:27
39th Finlay Ross ESOC M45 67:49 3:07
40th Keith Roberts MAROC M55 68:14 3:21
41st Rachel Kirkland INT W40 69:22 3:27
42nd Roger Garnett ESOC M60 69:55 3:06
43rd Hamish Weir MOR M16 72:13 3:47
44th= Helena Nolan ESOC W45 72:40 3:58
44th= Rosie Getliff MAROC W18 72:40 2:47
46th Cara McMuchie     72:45 4:46
47th Carolyn McLeod GRAMP W50 73:00 4:48
48th Tim O'Donoghue SOLWAY M60 73:37 3:51
49th Donald Grassie MOR M55 74:30 3:34
50th Ted Finch FVO M60 74:53 3:44
51st Benjamin Parkinson FVO M16 77:04 5:27
52nd Janette Macleod BASOC W35 78:21 3:49
53rd Kathleen Inch FVO W45 80:15 3:22
54th William Bruce RR M60 80:54 4:32
55th Rachel Rayne EUOC W21 82:52 2:46
56th Simon Firth ESOC M40 85:37 13:11
57th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 86:33 4:07
58th Marc Heger RR M16 87:05 2:58
59th Patrick Heger RR M16 88:18 6:47
60th Charles Woodward AYROC M60 88:43 2:57
61st Tricia Woodward AYROC W55 98:31 4:19
62nd John Coon ECKO M60 106:25 4:52
63rd James Purves RR M55 111:18 3:48
m15 Jake Chapman MAROC M16 46:45 2:16
m5 Joseph Wright MAROC M16 69:03 3:23
m12-19 Jim O'Donoghue STAG M40 118:07  

Short Blue


5.875km 150m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ann Haley INT W50 57:07
2nd Alison Cunningham ESOC W50 57:50
3rd Tim Sands BASOC M65 58:04
4th Ian Turner SOLWAY M65 58:47
n/c Jamie Cunningham ESOC M20 59:19
5th Andy Tivendale MAROC M65 60:30
6th Robin Sloan RR M65 60:49
7th Jane Ackland INT W50 60:56
8th Alastair Lessells ESOC M65 61:29
9th Roger Scrutton ESOC M65 61:39
10th Andy Paterson CLYDE M45 61:41
11th Phil Smithard KFO M65 62:32
12th Robert Cranston RR M50 62:53
13th Jen Leonard FVO W45 63:12
14th Lesley Gomersall GRAMP W50 63:41
15th Cathy Tilbrook FVO W45 64:34
16th Susan Blackwood INVOC W45 64:54
17th Josie Stansfield FVO W45 65:08
18th Robin Strain ELO M65 65:18
19th Godfrey Beddard ELO M65 66:03
n/c Katie Cunningham ESOC W21 66:44
20th Lucy Shearer ECKO W45 67:00
21st Ian Mcintyre INT M50 67:25
22nd Elizabeth Barr MOR W45 68:21
23rd Lucy Galloway INT W45 71:56
24th Kevin Holliday INVOC M45 72:36
25th Pat Squire INT M65 72:37
26th Andrew Macpherson CLYDE M45 78:40
27th Eileen Maxwell RR W50 79:52
28th Melanie Nicoll TAY W45 80:23
29th Rachel Wilson CLYDE W45 81:11
30th Laura Farquharson GRAMP W45 81:18
31st Bill Stevenson ESOC M65 81:33
32nd Doug Flint FVO M50 82:33
33rd Dick Carmichael TINTO M65 84:18
34th Brian Smith KFO M55 87:58
35th Carol Burnapp ECKO W45 92:12
36th Helen James IND W50 100:16
m3 David Patterson RR M50 201:05



4.975km 155m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Emma Wilson CLYDE W16 41:44
2nd Lindsay Robertson CLYDE W16 42:52
3rd Clare Stansfield FVO W16 44:29
4th Kathryn Barr MOR W16 45:14
5th Megan Ricketts MAROC W16 46:37
6th Abigail Mason MAROC W16 51:36
7th Roanne Lilley ECKO W16 53:58
8th Jane Halliday MOR W55 55:12
9th Maggie Scrugham ESOC W55 57:04
10th Trish Coombs MAROC W55 57:33
11th Ian Pyrah ESOC M70 59:49
12th Robert Philp KFO M70 62:08
13th Anthon Longmore INT M18 63:43
14th Fiona Hendrie FVO W55 63:59
15th Laura Nicoll TAY W16 64:10
16th Katie Skinner MAROC W16 64:44
17th Jura Macmillan ECKO W16 65:47
18th Val Belton CLYDE W55 65:58
19th Dougie Condy AYROC M65 66:02
20th Heather Hale EUOC W21 66:32
21st Les Smithard KFO M60 68:42
22nd Graham Tough SWOC M70 69:03
23rd Ian Addis MOR M55 69:07
24th Elizabeth Loffill STAG W21 69:17
25th Katherine Hunter ECKO W40 70:24
26th David Ellison KFO M70 71:18
27th Lucie Duffy ESOC W16 71:30
28th Gerry Thomson STAG M55 71:54
29th Dave McQuillen SOLWAY M70 73:08
30th Mary Williams ESOC W60 74:00
31st Gill Berrow ECKO W60 74:07
32nd Terry O'Brien STAG M55 74:42
33rd Donald Macleod FVO M70 75:15
34th J Topping COM M60 78:46
35th Pauline McAdam RR W60 80:12
36th Anne Hickling GRAMP W60 80:18
37th Trina Rogerson ELO W60 82:12
38th Ian Doig KFO M60 82:30
39th Fiona Weir INT W45 82:39
40th Esther Gooch MAROC W40 83:49
41st Stewart Durham AYROC M65 85:13
42nd Carol Sands BASOC W60 86:28
43rd Lynn Easton CLYDE W40 87:19
44th Neil McMillan ELO M21 87:39
45th Claire Duncan KFO W45 88:48
46th Foss Foster GRAMP W60 89:23
47th Mark Elder CLYDE M55 94:00
48th Elena Heger RR W16 100:38
49th Jim Morrison ESOC M60 124:46
m8-18 Oonagh Grassie MOR W60 34:35
m7-13 m16-18 Amelia Petrie CLYDE W55 54:57
m12 Robert Neil FVO M55 68:46
m12 Hugh Duffy ESOC M50 75:25
m8-14 Erik Van der kam GRAMP M70 81:53

Short Green


4.05km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Sheila Strain ELO W65 53:47
2nd Jane Carcas INT W45 57:10
3rd Jan Clenaghan SOLWAY W65 59:33
4th Heather Smithard KFO W65 60:30
5th Sheila McMurtrie MAROC W45 61:25
6th Liz Orr CLYDE W55 61:27
7th Duncan Shiell RR M65 63:10
8th Julie Watson ECKO W45 63:27
9th Ian Hendrie FVO M60 64:29
10th Anne Stevenson ESOC W65 66:19
11th Hannah Cooper IND W35 66:41
12th Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W70 67:41
13th Claire Macpherson CLYDE W35 68:40
14th Ailsa O'Donoghue SOLWAY W18 70:17
15th Helen O'Donoghue SOLWAY W50 70:28
16th Lorna Young TINTO W55 72:21
17th Katy Lessells ESOC W65 74:56
18th Margaret Dearman MOR W65 75:51
19th Jan Kersel ECKO W55 78:00
20th Fiona Findlay ESOC W65 78:19
21st Anne Thom ESOC W65 78:38
22nd Moira Laws TAY W70 80:23
23rd Maureen Brown ESOC W65 82:06
24th Sally Rollo SOLWAY W60 82:24
25th Andrea Lines ECKO W50 82:25
26th Jim Clark ESOC M75 83:05
27th Fiona Johnston RR W55 84:27
28th Hanne Robertson ESOC W45 87:24
29th Tina Young INT W55 94:35
30th Robert Ker ESOC M75 96:03
31st Susan Shiell RR W65 103:41
32nd Jane McQuillen SOLWAY W70 114:09
33rd Susan Coon ECKO W60 122:23
34th Trish Carmichael TINTO W65 140:27
rtd Janet Clark ESOC W70  
m7-9 rtd Robert Findlay ESOC M65  
rtd Lynne Bogle RR W45  
m10-13 Anne Pearson TAY W55 79:45
m12 Catherine Rooney RR W55 80:26

Light Green


4km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alistair Chapman MAROC M14 39:49
2nd Lizzie Stansfield FVO W14 40:53
3rd Matthew Gooch MAROC M14 41:35
4th Eilidh Campbell MAROC W14 43:06
5th Luke Graham MAROC M14 43:09
6th Daniel Campbell MOR M14 44:17
7th Peter Molloy FVO M14 44:41
8th Ewan Shearer ECKO M14 45:57
9th Alasdair Lilley ECKO M14 46:22
10th Grant McMurtrie MAROC M14 46:32
11th Louis Macmillan ECKO M14 47:54
12th Graham Haley INT M50 48:25
13th Jenny Blackwood INVOC W14 48:47
14th John Getliff MAROC M14 48:56
15th Claire McGarvey MAROC W14 49:55
16th Mairi Weir MOR W14 51:26
17th Eilidh Shearer ECKO W14 56:03
18th Daniel Skinner MAROC M14 56:16
19th Yousuf Khursheed RR M14 56:43
20th Ewan Purves FVO M14 57:00
21st Kerry Wood ESOC W14 58:00
22nd Ronan Blackwood INVOC M14 62:27
23rd Ben Brown ESOC M14 65:02
24th Lynn Young TINTO W21 67:30
25th Mairi Eades INT W14 70:42
26th Leonne Hutchinson ESOC W45 71:01
27th Ty Solomon CLYDE M35 73:05
28th Saartje Drijver ELO W45 77:04
29th Jonathan Harding ELO M16 79:47
30th Bruce Graham MAROC M110 80:32
31st Su Twissell INT W45 81:39
32nd Sam McKinnon RR M14 91:22
33rd Judith Pate RR W40 93:56
34th Gordon Macmillan ECKO M45 104:01
35th Chris Furse CLYDE M45 105:52
36th Joseph Bartlett INT M14 110:15
w5 Josie Gomersall GRAMP W14 56:41
w5 Alice Wilson CLYDE W14 60:30
m7 Brian Yates ESOC M70 100:01
m5-6 m9 m12 m15-17 Patricia Graham MAROC W45 119:19

Long Orange



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Elizabeth Campbell MOR W50 86:40
2nd McQuillen/Wright IND   138:37



3.075km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ewan Musgrave MAROC M12 28:31
2nd Matthew Ross INT M12 28:56
3rd Pippa Carcas INT W12 32:27
4th Amber Graham MAROC W12 36:27
5th Michael Paterson CLYDE M12 38:35
6th Julie McKeown CLYDE W40 39:10
7th Pierre Lardet FVO M12 40:07
8th Robin Purves FVO M12 41:30
9th Rachel Brown ESOC W12 41:57
10th Joel Gooch MAROC M12 45:37
11th Rainer Heger RR M50 45:46
12th Leah Bartlett INT W12 50:33
13th Mhorag Heger RR W45 53:19
14th Catriona Macrae   W14 53:50
15th Lorna Allison STAG W40 57:28
16th Martin Cunnane INT M8 61:23
17th Rona Shearer ECKO W12 62:08
18th Fiona Eades INT W12 64:08
19th Hamish Rae   M14 74:05
20th Fran Humphrey ESOC W65 78:34
21st Rebecca Hughes   W10 80:15
22nd Isolda Roger Barba No Club W21 83:56
23rd Ruaridh McKenzie   M14 88:04
24th Isla O'Donoghue SOLWAY W12 98:52
w6 Ellis Hunter ECKO M12 27:05



2.85km 70m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ruaridh Flint FVO M12 24:07
2nd Benji Edmondson ELO M10 28:52
3rd Maja Robertson ESOC W10 32:02
4th Iris Macmillan ECKO W10 32:59
5th Morven Farquharson GRAMP W10 38:06
6th Ben Finn   M8 41:45
7th Kirsten Robertson CLYDE W12 42:28
8th Tom Finn   M6 42:36
9th Kirsty Farquharson GRAMP W10 42:41
10th Freya Edmondson ELO W10 46:05
11th Chris Pearson TAY M21 46:11
12th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M12 49:57
13th Megan Pekkarinen KFO W10 53:48
14th Maguire Family     54:53
m10 m16 Sam Bartlett INT M10 37:31



1.725km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Thomas Ross INT M10 15:42
2nd Ben Ross INT M10 17:35
3rd Sam Jones ELO M7 17:52
4th Kirsty Flint FVO W10 19:28
5th Lucy Hensman FVO W10 22:16
6th Katie Hensman FVO W10 25:34
7th Jamie Connor FVO M10 28:21
8th Ruth Gooch MAROC W10 38:41
9th Eilidh Armstrong IND W10 39:14
10th Rowe Family ESOC M10 42:37
11th Megan Brown ESOC W10 49:01
12th Amy and Ben Armstrong IND   52:48
13th Mitchell Family IND   72:57