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7.8km 220m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Arnis Saltums CLYDE M21 62:43
2nd John Tullie RR M55 63:08
3rd Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M40 72:04
4th Robert Lee INT M50 72:31
5th Duncan Edmondson IND M45 72:36
6th Jonathan Ellis ESOC M35 77:23
7th Max Carcas INT M45 80:17
8th Steve Wilson CLYDE M45 82:10
9th Colin Ledlie INT M45 85:47
10th Euan Mackenzie ESOC M50 115:45



5.5km 150m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jake Chapman MAROC M14 53:45
2nd Heather Thomson ESOC W40 54:17
3rd Tom Mallows ESOC M35 56:42
4th Graeme Ross INT M40 56:48
n/c Keith Brown ESOC M50 56:50
5th Michael Stewart ESOC M55 59:29
6th Frank Popham KFO M40 60:19
7th Fiona Forrest RR W40 61:07
8th Roger Garnett ESOC M60 62:26
9th Kenneth Daly INT M50 63:38
10th Paul Caban INT M50 63:55
11th Ian Davidson CLYDE M55 65:26
n/c Mary Ross INT W40 69:18
12th Tim Harding ELO M50 69:33
13th Charlie Woodward AYROC M60 72:04
14th Anita Laidlaw KFO W35 73:27
15th Helena Nolan ESOC W45 78:16
16th Sarah Tullie RR W21 78:22
17th Pete Younger ELO M55 89:36
18th Rachel Kirkland INT W40 93:13
19th Andrea Davison ESOC W35 95:19
20th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 99:00
21st Elspeth Bleakley ESOC W21 100:13
22nd Tricia Woodward AYROC W55 100:16
23rd Elaine Gillies TAY W50 100:49
24th Timothy May No Club M50 118:40
w4 rtd Ed Hides IND M21  
m10-13 Davie Frame TAY M55 65:42
m7 m11 Raphael Bleakley ESOC M21 92:15
w4 Andrew Gobourn IND M50 138:55



4.2km 125m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Phil Smithard KFO M65 44:51
2nd Alistair Chapman MAROC M14 45:28
3rd Steven McHarg INT M21 46:53
4th Ann Haley INT W50 49:32
5th Jane Ackland INT W50 50:31
6th Robin Strain ELO M60 50:55
7th Dave Kingston IND M55 54:57
8th Ian Pyrah ESOC M70 57:54
9th Maggie Scrugham ESOC W55 57:59
10th Jason Simpson STAG M35 58:03
11th Brian Smith KFO M55 60:43
12th Les Smithard KFO M60 61:40
13th Robert Neil FVO M55 62:03
14th Patrick Heger RR M16 66:30
15th Jane Carcas INT W45 69:27
16th Pauline McAdam RR W55 70:18
17th Carol Burnapp ECKO W45 72:04
18th Anthon Longmore INT M18 72:42
19th David Prentice TAY M70 73:31
20th Les Dalgleish ESOC M60 74:27
21st Judith Bell ESOC W45 75:05
22nd JS Moffat KFO M60 75:34
23rd Lucie Duffy ESOC W16 78:12
24th Hugh Duffy ESOC M50 78:22
25th Katherine Crosby NATO W40 80:57
26th Lynn Easton CLYDE W40 82:16
27th Robert Findlay ESOC M65 82:55
28th Fiona Johnston RR W50 87:14
29th Dick Carmichael TINTO M65 92:35
30th Neil McMillan ELO M21 92:50
31st Gerry Thomson STAG M55 92:58
32nd Aaron Macleod +2 ELO M21 98:50
33rd Duncan Leishman IND M40 103:25
34th Jim Morrison ESOC M55 111:40
rtd Colin Inverarity INT M60  
m8 Terry O'Brien STAG M55 55:41
m8-9 Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 63:07
m3-4 Steve Clayton ESOC M50 76:58
m8 Ian Doig KFO M60 88:58

Short Green


3.6km 80m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Trish Carmichael TINTO W65 51:38
2nd Heather Smithard KFO W65 58:23
3rd Pierre Lardet FVO M12 59:21
4th Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W70 59:22
5th Jen Leonard FVO W45 59:29
6th Fiona Findlay ESOC W65 61:07
7th Janet Clark ESOC W70 64:00
8th Jim Clark ESOC M75 66:51
9th Fran Humphrey ESOC W60 74:23
10th John Crosby NATO M65 103:48

Light Green


3.9km 100m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Catherine Rooney RR W50 47:27
2nd Ben Brown ESOC M14 51:22
3rd Marc Heger RR M14 53:43
4th Alice Wilson CLYDE W12 59:57
5th Lynne, Agnes, Carina & Lyndsay IND   84:01



2.7km 65m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Rachel Brown ESOC W12 24:16
2nd Pippa Carcas INT W12 28:12
3rd Iain Smith IND M50 35:11
4th Fiona Kingston IND W21 41:53
5th Edward Hucknell IND M50 44:46
6th Smith+Aitchison+Sanfdand   M14 54:12
7th Hannah Brown NATO W12 60:12
m9 Grizel Hucknell IND W18 33:00



2.4km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Ross INT M12 14:16
2nd Jamie Lawlor ESOC M12 18:50
3rd Benji Edmondson ELO M10 21:17
4th Freya Edmondson ELO W10 30:15
5th Barber+Finlay+Finlay+Macguire     40:16
6th Carol & Amy Bordessa IND W10 41:27
7th Luke Bordessa IND M10 41:55
8th Kruuk Family     59:34



1.7km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c Joseph Lawlor ESOC M10 12:19
1st Thomas Ross INT M10 13:01
n/c Jamie Lawlor ESOC M12 15:16
2nd Ben Ross INT M10 16:28
3rd Joseph Lawlor ESOC M10 17:28
4th Rowan Lawlor ESOC M10 21:13
5th Megan Brown ESOC W10 22:41
6th Family Neill     29:32
7th Kerrie Hides + Gil   W21 33:24
8th Andrew Popham KFO M10 36:16
9th Ben Ellis ESOC M3 65:01