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British Orienteering results with ranking points



8.250km 180m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Eades INT M40 70:41
2nd Donald Petrie CLYDE M50 71:21
3rd Robin Orr CLYDE M50 73:26
4th Ian Maxwell RR M50 73:37
5th Andrew Lindsay ESOC M18 76:44
6th Mark Wood ESOC M40 77:02
7th Doug Cook STAG M50 77:38
8th Robin Galloway INT M45 78:14
9th Bob Cherry AYR M45 82:22
10th Barry Veitch RR M40 82:39
11th Kenny Milton CLYDE M40 83:42
12th Mark Rowe ESOC M35 84:26
13th Crawford Lindsay ESOC M55 90:51
14th Alistair Hindle ESOC M35 95:13
15th ColinLedlie INT M45 95:16
16th Roger Scrutton ESOC M60 97:53
17th Alex Kemp BOK M21 105:07



7.000km 150m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Chris Galloway INT M16 52:12
2nd Atis Kalejs IND M35 62:03
3rd Heather Hartman INT W40 64:25
4th Craig Nolan ESOC M16 64:26
5th Grahame Nicholl TAY M50 64:41
6th Patrick Walder CLYDE M40 64:59
7th Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M35 66:33
8th Neil Kitching FVO M45 68:54
9th Rona Lindsay ESOC W18 69:23
10th David Frame TAY M50 69:24
11th Rupert Parkinson FVO M45 71:21
12th Blair Young TINTO M50 76:54
13th Lorna Eades INT W40 77:38
14th Max Carcas INT M40 79:03
15th Dougie Condy AYR M60 81:04
16th Andy Paterson CLYDE M40 83:20
17th David Allison STAG M45 83:41
18th Ted Finch FVO M55 85:08
19th Pete Younger ELO M55 88:23
20th John Nixon CLYDE M50 90:34
21st Charlie Woodward AYR M55 90:44
22nd Les Dalgleish ESOC M60 94:57
23rd Pat Squire INT M60 95:23
24th Brian Smith KFO M50 98:51
25th Tricia Woodward AYR W55 104:30
26th Bill Bruce RR M55 105:02
27th Euan Mackenzie ESOC M50 107:20
28th Sheila Strain ELO W60 118:33
mp John McKendrick   M40 78:57
mp Helena Nolan ESOC W45 82:03



5.100km 105m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Karen Maxwell RR W16 54:46
2nd William Hunter ESOC M50 70:40
3rd Bill Melville TAY M70 70:48
4th Pauline McAdam STAG W55 72:41
5th Carol Burnapp ECKO W40 74:44
6th Eileen Maxwell RR W45 75:39
7th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W55 76:16
8th Neil Williams ESOC M50 76:31
9th Simon Firth ESOC M35 76:53
10th Jane Carcas INT W40 77:58
11th Sally Lindsay ESOC W55 78:07
12th Alan Bothwell TAY M50 81:24
13th Mehmet Karatay ESOC M21 82:18
14th Les Smithard KFO M55 87:39
15th Trina Rogerson ELO W60 90:04
16th Liz Orr CLYDE W50 92:43
17th Lynn Easton CLYDE W35 95:26
18th Stewart Durham AYR M60 96:41
19th Duncan Shiell RR M60 100:14
20th Clare Williams ESOC W50 103:50
21st Gordon Neilson ESOC M55 105:26
22nd Jim Morrison ESOC M55 115:15
23rd Janet Clark ESOC W70 115:28
dnf Matthew Galloway INT M14  
mp Bill Gauld ESOC M75 70:20
mp Chris Nixon CLYDE W50 97:57
mp Jim Clark ESOC M70 110:39

Light Green


4.225km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jack Poole ELO M14 46:39
2nd Joe Cherry AYR M16 47:31
3rd Lauren Campbell EUOC W20 55:38
4th David Matthews ESOC M55 65:05
5th Stephen McHarg   M21 68:29
6th Vivian Campbell AYR W55 76:38
7th Stewart Dunlop AYR M65 76:45
8th Lorna Young TINTO W50 80:23
9th Matthew Murray INT M14 88:42
10th Max Ledlie INT M16 88:50
11th Val Finch FVO W60 92:53
12th Pat McLaughlin STAG W60 103:47
13th Susan Shiell RR W60 108:57
mp Alex Carcas INT M14 37:54



2.950km 40m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Benjamin Parkinson FVO M12 22:46
2nd Calum Kitching FVO M16 27:04
3rd Saartje Drijver ELO W40 31:47
4th Freddie Carcas INT M12 32:48
5th Laura Nicholl TAY W12 36:12
6th Tony Condy AYR M12 41:53
7th Jeni & Adam Rowe ESOC   54:17
mp Alisdair Kitching FVO M14 25:16



2.775km 25m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Chris Furse IND   21:33



2.250km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mairi Eades INT W10 15:36
2nd Pippa Carcas INT W10 18:09
3rd Fiona Eades INT W10 45:25



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Hartman INT M2 13:11
2nd James Hartman INT M5 13:12
3rd Caitlin Patterson   W3 15:52