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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Tom Ryan FVO M20 42:18
2nd Barry Veitch RR M40 47:21
3rd Robin Orr CLYDE M50 48:30
4th Kirsten Strain ELO W21 50:24
5th David Eades INT M40 50:46
6th Kenneth Milton CLYDE M40 51:48
7th= John Embrey HOC M50 52:29
7th= Tyler Morrison ESOC M20 52:29
9th Mark Wood ESOC M40 55:55
10th Colin Ledlie INT M45 60:14
11th Crawford Lindsay ESOC M55 61:51
12th Paul Richardson ELO M45 67:34
13th Steph Moss ESOC W35 73:52
14th Simon Moss ESOC M45 75:25
15th Pavel Stroev KFO M21 133:56




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Andrew Dalgleish ESOC M21 41:07
2nd Ross Sanderson ESOC M21 45:35
3rd Keith Brown ESOC M45 46:31
4th Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M35 48:04
5th Dominykas Kardokas GENYS M21 52:01
6th Max Carcas INT M40 52:36
7th Atis Kalejs IND M35 52:42
8th Lorna Eades INT W40 54:02
9th Benedict Bate ESOC M60 55:21
10th Patrick Bartlett INT M40 55:25
11th Jason Simpson STAG M35 56:02
12th Finlay Ross ESOC M45 57:31
13th Barry Owen INT M60 58:16
14th Terry O'Brien STAG M50 59:04
15th Helena Nolan ESOC W45 60:15
16th Will Galliez IND M21 61:47
17th Jennifer Gallier ESOC W21 62:15
18th Scott Amos RR M45 63:36
19th Brian Smith KFO M50 63:40
20th Ted Finch FVO M55 64:44
21st Robert Philp KFO M65 65:12
22nd Pat Squire INT M60 66:05
23rd Sheila Strain ELO W60 66:46
24th Gerry Thomson STAG M55 66:58
25th Roderick Kong EUOC M21 69:45
26th Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M60 70:26
27th Heini Heikkila EUOC W21 71:36
28th Robert Findlay ESOC M60 73:42
29th William Bruce RR M55 74:28
30th Gordon Neilson ESOC M55 74:32
31st Euan Mackenzie ESOC M50 76:59
32nd Gavin Williams ESOC M16 80:52
33rd Jim Morrison ESOC M55 84:20
mp Dougie Condy   M60 52:21
mp Douglas Small RR M50 84:40




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Heather Hartman INT W40 32:41
2nd Ann Haley INT W45 36:29
3rd Alastair Lessells ESOC M60 39:06
4th Colin Inverarity INT M55 40:43
5th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W55 43:20
6th Elspeth Bleakley ESOC W21 45:07
7th Bill Gauld ESOC M75 46:17
8th Alan Bothwell TAY M50 46:29
9th Rachel Kirkland INT W40 47:21
10th Sally Lindsay ESOC W55 48:26
11th Clare Williams ESOC W50 48:40
12th Rachel Wilson CLYDE W45 48:46
13th Duncan Shiell RR M60 49:34
14th Raphael Bleakley ESOC M21 49:35
15th Judith Bell ESOC W40 50:08
16th Simon Firth ESOC M35 50:43
17th Neil Williams ESOC M50 51:01
18th Angela Dixon TAY W45 52:39
19th Fiona Findlay ESOC W60 52:56
20th Jane Carcas INT W45 53:31
21st Liz Orr CLYDE W50 54:25
22nd Richard Weller ESOC M45 55:38
23rd Janet Moxley TINTO W45 55:39
24th Les Smithard KFO M55 57:40
25th Anne Thom ESOC W60 60:40
26th Steven McHarg IND M21 61:40
27th Norma Coutts ESOC W70 64:49

Lime (Light Green)



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jen Leonard FVO W40 39:29
2nd Graham Haley INT M45 42:53
3rd Max Ledlie INT M16 46:43
4th Jack Poole ELO M14 49:14
5th David Matthews ESOC M55 51:07
6th Susan Twissell INT W40 52:05
7th Christine Mahony FVO W50 52:11
8th Malcolm Mahony FVO M60 56:00
9th Stewart Dunlop AYROC M65 57:29
10th Susan Shiell   W60 60:44
11th Chris Laud IND M21 61:20
12th Sara Jenq IND W21 61:25
13th Julie Weller IND W40 81:22
mp Lina Dzemydaite GENYS W21 72:32
mp Val Finch FVO W60 80:52

Long Orange



Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Angus Shaw IND M14 42:57
2nd Cath Brookes ELO W40 43:32
3rd Simon Riley IND M21 46:48
mp Saartje Drijver ELO W45 51:58




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Freddie Carcas INT M12 33:49
2nd Rory Shaw IND M12 37:53
3rd Thomas Dunmur IND M10 41:45
4th Tony Condy AYROC M14 52:55
5th Benji Edmondson IND M10 56:44
6th Fergus MacRae IND M10 64:59
7th Debbie Riley IND W21 65:25
8th Jackie Caldwell ESOC W14 67:14
9th Catrina MacRae IND W10 68:33




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Eloise Lardet FVO W12 16:55
2nd Kerry Wood ESOC W10 19:07
3rd Beth Poole ELO W10 21:32
4th Alice Wilson CLYDE W10 22:21
5th Mairi Eades INT W10 25:03
6th Ben Brown ESOC M10 26:13
7th Joseph Lawlor ESOC M10 29:02
8th Anna Ryan ESOC W50 32:32
9th Leah Bartlett HUOC W10 33:54
10th Lewis Mahony FVO M16 38:21
11th Daniel Forth ESOC M21 62:30
mp Sam Bartlett INT M10 32:59




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Pierre Lardet FVO M10 11:39
2nd Rachel Brown ESOC W10 12:52
3rd Joseph Bartlett INT M10 17:38
4th Thomas Dunmur IND M10 18:05
5th Jake Finney TINTO M10 18:07
6th Alan Dunmur IND M45 18:11
7th Emma Amos RR W10 18:25
8th Heidi Ross ESOC W12 19:49
9th Daniel Lancaster IND M10 21:19
10th Pippa Carcas INT W10 21:47
11th Caroline Dunmur IND W40 24:40
12th Fiona Eades INT W10 26:08
13th James Hartman INT M10 27:37
14th Megan Brown ESOC W10 29:04
15th Caitlin Norwood IND W10 39:55