Edinburgh Big Weekend


Holyrood Controller - Graeme Ackland

We hope you enjoyed the fresh take on Holyrood this year.

The map has got rather ratty over the years. The 2014 remap only covers Whinny hill and is sprint standard, the rest of the area is regular mapping and less detailed (i.e. readable at 1:7500). I remapped the quarries from scratch for the Micro-O event.

Necessity being the mother of invention, and other Platonic platitudes students bother their heads with, we concentrated on the bits of map which were accurate or fixable. In part that meant going round and round on Whinny rather that slogging up to the Seat: no bad thing, but needing map exchanges.

The spider-climb on brown was enjoyed by most. Apologies to those on other courses who felt they missed out - we didn't think there was room for another 100 blue runners up there!

There was quite a bit of mispunching on the MicroO, which gave us quite a headache. The fun of the microO is to go full speed, which runs the risk of missing out a control. There were two particular common errors: punching 169 (tree) instead of 150 (rock), and going direct from 169 to 127 (rock), missing out 176 (rock) which was tucked away in the back quarry.

Next year, you can enjoy a whole spanking brand new map of the entire area, and another set of innovative course concepts, such as ... but that would be telling!
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