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1.95km 0m

Pos Name School Time
1st Alistair Chapman Hill Of Banchory PS   9:27
2nd Peter Molloy Lowport PS   9:45
3rd Luke Graham Banchory PS   10:20
4th Alasdair Lilley Taynuilt PS   11:10
5th Grant McMurtrie Torphins PS   11:24
6th Ewan Shearer Taynuilt PS   11:40
7th Jack Griffin Banchory PS   11:52
8th David Stark Gargieston PS   12:05
9th John Getliff Hill Of Banchory PS   12:56
10th Rob Yorston Gargieston PS   13:42
11th Owen Ross Gargieston PS   15:14
12th Ethan Fraser Gargieston PS   15:33
13th Louie Forsyth + Kieran Martin Dalbeattie PS   16:04
14th Taylor Smyth Gargieston PS   16:32
15th Sorley Inall Taynuilt PS   16:41
16th Daniel Struthers + Daniel Montieth Biggar PS   17:41
17th Hugh Fox Lamington PS   18:06
18th Ibraheem Malik Nether Currie PS   18:40
19th Owen Craig + Sam Thomas Lowport PS   19:08
20th Hamish Anderson + Mark Blackwood Dalbeattie PS   19:55
21st Dylan Anderson Drumoak PS   20:26
22nd Ben Smyth Gargieston PS   20:29
23rd Blair McDonald + Cameron Littlejohn Nether Currie PS   20:39
24th Cameron Laurie Taynuilt PS   23:18
25th Ewan McDowall Gargieston PS   23:24
26th Fraser White + Ethan Crosse Biggar PS   23:35
27th Hugo Baillie Lamington PS   24:12
28th Caitlin Cherry + Anthony Housego + Alexander McL Nether Currie PS   24:30
29th Callum Fraser Gargieston PS   29:11
30th Adam Murray + Andrew Skinner Nether Currie PS   34:31
31st Tom Gilbert Taynuilt PS   39:01
w4 Cammy Findlayson + Angus Dunn Heriot PS   12:39
m6 Daniel Baird Taynuilt PS   14:16
w6 Blair Callan + Hayden Rafterey + Cormac King Biggar PS   16:50
m5 Connor Ogg Banchory PS   19:04
w4 Struan Stevenson Coulter PS   20:11
m1 Adam Roy + Rory Stalker Gargieston PS   24:23
m5 Jake Finney Biggar PS   24:48
w3 Drummond Sudall+ Angus Urquhart Coulter PS   26:15
m1-9 Dan Bryceland Nether Currie PS   58:38
m1-9 Alexander McIlwrick Nether Currie PS   108:27



1.8km 0m

Pos Name School Time
1st Eilidh Shearer Taynuilt PS   9:29
2nd Eilidh Campbell Banchory PS   10:36
3rd Kirsty Campbell Banchory PS   11:01
4th Kerry Wood Kirkliston   11:07
5th Frances Sealy Banchory PS   11:13
6th Ceri Powell Taynuilt PS   12:13
7th Emily Hunter Taynuilt PS   12:33
8th Nina Hutcheon Banchory PS   13:04
9th Sara Hart + Lauren Young Gargieston PS   14:02
10th Anna McDiarmid + Grace Boulton Biggar PS   14:26
11th Lauren Nicol + Sara Miller Gargieston PS   15:45
12th Rachel Kerr + Holly McMillan Gargieston PS   16:15
13th Sophie Rowan + Emily Cameron Gargieston PS   16:53
14th Helen Futty + Kirsty Caruthers + Heather Waddell Biggar PS   17:57
15th Rowan Chisholm Taynuilt PS   18:27
16th Paula Starrs Heriot PS   18:40
17th Sophie Smyth + Alice McLean Gargieston PS   19:27
18th Laura McLean + Carlie Speirs Gargieston PS   19:40
19th Jose McGarvey Banchory PS   20:33
20th Claire McGarvey Banchory PS   21:27
21st Kiera McGuffie + Claire Robertson Gargieston PS   22:06
22nd Isla O'Donoghue + Niamh McQuarrie Dalbeattie PS   23:10
23rd Holly Speirs + Kerry Young Gargieston PS   23:28
24th Claire Murdoch + Kirsty Gilmour Gargieston PS   24:05
25th Amy McGaff + Hannah Connelly Nether Currie PS   24:10
26th Amber Graham Banchory PS   26:33
27th Talia Petit Heriot PS   28:38
28th Feebi Robinson + Eliza Finney Biggar PS   30:26
29th Molly Housego + Megan Falconer Nether Currie PS   30:38
30th Katy Housego + Elisa Graham Nether Currie PS   32:32
31st Katie Maxfield Lamington PS   47:31
32nd Abigail Teale Lamington PS   49:22
33rd Rachel Ross Lamington PS   53:21
34th Sophie Wells + Megan Forster Coulter PS   61:58
m6 Zoe Hutcheon Banchory PS   13:57
w6 Sarah Denholm + Emma Black Coulter PS   18:15
m6 Rachel Havlin + Sophie Ward Gargieston PS   18:24
w6 Ailish Vandome Lamington PS   23:18



2.3km 15m

Pos Name School Time
1st Joe Wright Banchory PS   10:37
2nd Lewis Stewart + Duncan Munro Biggar PS   15:59
3rd James Manners St Dominic's RC PS   17:50
4th Danny Skinner Drumoak PS   18:18
5th Calum Campbell St Dominic's RC PS   18:45
6th Alexander Morrison Lowport PS   19:32
7th Hamish Halliday St Dominic's RC PS   20:25
8th Jamie Mee + Callum Corbett-Peters Gargieston PS   22:03
9th Cameron Thomas + Andrew Veitch Lowport PS   23:16
10th Calum Bowie Banchory PS   23:26
11th Leo Thomson Banchory PS   23:30
12th Angus Docherty Gargieston PS   23:41
13th Marcus Jones + Lewis Aird Biggar PS   24:56
14th John White + Finlay Stott Biggar PS   25:00
15th Craig Boyle + David Paterson Gargieston PS   33:46
16th Josh Cooper Gargieston PS   41:51
w5 Daniel Birch Banchory PS   16:56
m10 Louis Easton Drumoak PS   19:18
m5-8 Thomas Sudall Coulter PS   22:53
m5-8 Andrew Murdoch Lamington PS   24:59
m5-6 m10-12 Rhys Thomson Carnwath PS   27:06
w5 Finn Henderson Lamington PS   30:12
m3-5 Cameron Forest Lamington PS   34:03
w5 w8 Jack Reid + William Millar Carnwath PS   38:27



2.1km 15m

Pos Name School Time
1st Abbie Kerr + Evie Bartl Gargieston PS   15:13
2nd Mairi Eades Heriot PS   15:33
3rd Alison Girvan + Tiegan Smyth Gargieston PS   16:21
4th Ally Ferguson + Kirsten Fairgrieve Biggar PS   16:59
5th Iona McBeath Banchory PS   18:46
6th Pheobe Schouten Hill Of Banchory PS   19:32
7th Eilidh Sandilands + Erin Hughes Biggar PS   20:30
8th Evie Cockburn + Ailsa Willaimson + Erin Doak Biggar PS   21:29
9th Holly Ferguson Taynuilt PS   22:54
10th Rachael Haining + Cerys McCourt Gargieston PS   24:12
11th Ella Graham Carnwath PS   24:41
12th Morven Tait + Rhona MacRae Lowport PS   25:13
13th Lucy Reid Heriot PS   26:30
14th Chloe Cassagranda Carnwath PS   29:06
15th Aileen Campbell Gargieston PS   32:05
16th Jodie Meechan Carnwath PS   34:05
17th Lucy Mullen Coulter PS   45:37
18th Chloe Houston Coulter PS   51:39
m2 m7-9 Christina Miller Gargieston PS   22:40
m2 w4 m9 Amy Fisher Carnwath PS   32:58
m6-11 Kate Fox Lamington PS   33:49
m10-11 Nicola Paul Lamington PS   36:03
m6-11 Leigh Fleming Coulter PS   36:06
m10-11 Taylor Hope Coulter PS   38:09
w1 m8 Eirinn Maini Coulter PS   67:29



2.6km 25m

Pos Name School Time
1st Freddie Carcas George Heriot's   14:56
2nd Callum Hunter Oban HS   15:01
3rd Jake Chapman Banchory Acad   15:03
4th Tom Lines Oban HS   15:19
5th James Ackland George Heriot's   15:51
6th Finlay Todd Fortrose Acad   16:10
7th Kieran Watts Charleston Acad   18:19
8th Stuart Waitt George Heriot's   19:23
9th Sebastian Mitchell George Heriot's   20:10
10th Crawford Evans Aboyne Acad   21:03
11th Alex Denholm Biggar HS   21:25
12th Dillon Thomson Banchory Acad   21:58
13th Daniel Lamont Charleston Acad   25:44
14th Calum Urquhart George Heriot's   26:14
15th Angus Kerr Biggar HS   33:44
16th Jordan Grey Biggar HS   35:52
17th Aaron Dobie Biggar HS   36:49
18th Shaun Rafferty Dumfries HS   44:18
19th Calum Somerville Biggar HS   67:46
20th Lewis Niven + Alistair Cumming Aboyne Acad   85:23
w5 Rowan White Charleston Acad   13:09
w2 m5 m7-11 Rory McGinn Biggar HS   17:25
w4 Alexander Toal Biggar HS   24:53
w2 w4 Rowan Stewart Biggar HS   24:54
w10 Oscar Yuen Biggar HS   65:31



2.275km 20m

Pos Name School Time
1st Abigail Mason Banchory Acad   12:18
2nd Emma Wilson Bearsden Acad   12:38
3rd Roanne Lilley Oban HS   13:03
4th Claire Stansfield Dunblane   13:18
5th Lindsay Robertson Bearsden Acad   13:44
6th Emma Baird Oban HS   16:38
7th Kirsty Sutherland Boroughmuir HS   19:02
8th Amy Hamilton Banchory Acad   20:19
9th Siobhan Gebicke-Kerr Charleston Acad   20:38
10th Katie Skinner Banchory Acad   21:24
11th Amy Watkins Biggar HS   21:48
12th Jade Dowell Oban HS   23:07
13th Emma Anderson Boroughmuir HS   24:48
14th Kate Farman Charleston Acad   25:11
15th Jennifer Futty Biggar HS   25:26
16th Lucy Hart George Heriot's   27:57
17th Orla Busby George Heriot's   29:35
18th Anna Gilchrist George Heriot's   37:35
19th Abigail Cairns Boroughmuir HS   38:46
20th Emily Quincey Biggar HS   40:11
21st Jenni Kerr Biggar HS   42:08
22nd Lauren Service Biggar HS   48:52
23rd Merryn Thomson Aboyne Acad   55:05
24th Lily Ritchie + Bethany Chapman Aboyne Acad   64:10
25th Hannah Ross Biggar HS   84:01
26th Claire Brewster Biggar HS   92:26
m5 Megan Ricketts Banchory Acad   16:08
m6-12 Meg Robinson Biggar HS   21:32
m3-4 Eilidh Fraser Biggar HS   34:20
w11 Orla Thomson Banchory Acad   37:17
w4 Megan McCarry + Emma McNee Biggar HS   42:35



2.7km 50m

Pos Name School Time
1st Ewan McMillan Banchory Acad   15:50
2nd Ross McMutrie Aboyne Acad   16:28
3rd Samuel Galloway Boroughmuir HS   17:54
4th Scott Thomson Biggar HS   24:17
5th Dylan Cairnie Dumfries HS   25:01
6th Robbie Iason Aboyne Acad   27:32
7th Jamie Peden Oban HS   28:01
8th Matthew Murray Boroughmuir HS   29:40
9th Craig Shearer Biggar HS   31:19
10th Ruaridh Withington Dunblane HS   31:43
11th Dougal Cooper Aboyne Acad   44:17
12th Neil Clark Dumfries HS   53:53
13th Thomas Smith Dumfries HS   67:20
14th Sean Parry Dumfries HS   75:36
m4 Cian McBeath Banchory Acad   20:58
m4 Daniel McConnell Biggar HS   28:46
w4 m8 Peter Steele Biggar HS   42:39
w2 Greg Notman Dumfries HS   45:27



2.4km 35m

Pos Name School Time
1st Megan Warnock Biggar HS   16:15
2nd Lauren Wallis Biggar HS   18:24
3rd Rosie Getliff Banchory Acad   21:01
4th Lyn Hardman Aboyne Acad   21:13
5th Jenny Glass Aboyne Acad   21:49
6th Ailsa O'Donoghue Dalbeattie HS   24:14
7th Sarah-Jane Esson Aboyne Acad   28:47
8th Natalie Young Dunblane   30:48
9th Laura Neville Biggar HS   31:46
10th Jennifer Bell Biggar HS   38:05
11th Rhona Forbes Aboyne Acad   40:52
12th Natasha Connely Dumfries HS   46:23
13th Samantha McKie Dumfries HS   58:02
m9 Laura Parkinson Dunblane   19:16
m10-11 Bethany Cross Biggar HS   26:49
m3-4 m10-11 Rhiannon Gerrard Dalbeattie HS   47:14



2.8km 55m

Pos Name School Time Excluded Time
1st Matthew Galloway Boroughmuir HS   11:43 1:35
2nd Daniel Stansfield Dunblane   11:50 2:20
3rd Callum White Charleston Acad   12:58 5:13
4th Thomas Wilson Bearsden Acad   14:18 7:12
5th Alex Carcas George Heriot's   15:09 2:03
6th Jonathan Mortlock St Joseph's   16:22 6:07
7th Ewen Kerridge Banchory Acad   16:40 2:27
8th Iain Johnson Aboyne Acad   16:51 8:47
9th Iain Campbell Aboyne Acad   17:22 4:27
10th Angus Shaw George Heriot's   18:16 2:25
11th Daniel Dunn Aboyne Acad   18:17 4:58
12th Sam Lines Oban HS   18:42 8:07
13th Liam O'Brien George Heriot's   20:00 2:26
14th Gregor Stewart Biggar HS   21:36 3:38
15th Anthon Longmore George Heriot's   21:45 5:38
16th Finlay MacKenzie George Heriot's   22:55 9:45
17th Tom Mitchell Aboyne Acad   26:24 3:59
18th Stuart Watson Biggar HS   34:44 3:12
w2 m10 Alastair Kitching Dunblane   16:37 7:37
m4 Simon Denholm Biggar HS   18:52 3:32



2.475km 55m

Pos Name School Time
1st Fiona Sutherland Boroughmuir HS   26:04
2nd Martha Duncan Boroughmuir HS   29:24
3rd Alex Farquharson Charleston Acad   31:16
4th Sophie Saunders Boroughmuir HS   31:17
5th Caitlin Munro Boroughmuir HS   46:48
m10 Jenny Ricketts Banchory Acad   14:24



3.425km 70m

Pos Name School Time Excluded Time
1st Sasha Cheplin Banchory Acad   17:45 2:43
2nd Jamie Cunningham Stewart's Melville   24:00 5:33
3rd AJ Fyfe Aboyne Acad   24:28 4:56
4th Alistair Walker Aboyne Acad   25:15 10:12
5th Luke Foss Biggar HS   25:43 6:53
6th Oliver Ford-Bryant Aboyne Acad   27:42 7:03
7th Sam Gebicke-Kerr Charleston Acad   28:59 6:55
8th Gavin Williams Stewart's Melville   30:22 3:56
9th Jake Wright Stewart's Melville   32:28 5:28
10th David Kenworthy Stewart's Melville   36:21 11:15
11th Stuart Dingwall Charleston Acad   39:43 5:27
12th Joe Young Dunblane   40:33 9:21
m15 Matthew Rayne Dunblane   80:54 15:37



2.475km 55m

Pos Name School Time
1st Bronwyn Matthews Aboyne Acad   15:34
2nd Evelyn Mason Banchory Acad   16:08
3rd Megan Getliff Banchory Acad   21:54
4th Jessica Stuart Aboyne Acad   23:33
5th Cara McMutrie Aboyne Acad   26:51



3.925km 95m

Pos Name School Time Excluded Time
1st Joshua Dudley Aboyne Acad   20:14 4:05
2nd Callum Roberts Banchory Acad   23:56 2:43
3rd Murray Pedan Oban HS   25:49 5:13
4th Mark Haley Firrhill   38:54 4:30
5th Lewis Gibbons Dunblane   39:14 13:29
6th Euan Geddes Firrhill   40:25 5:50
7th Cameron Winterburn Firrhill   40:44 8:13
8th Euan Mitchell Firrhill   41:06 6:05
9th Anthony Gallant Biggar HS   44:27 8:46
m16 Craig Nolan Currie Com HS   22:47 2:58



3.425km 70m

Pos Name School Time Excluded Time
1st Rhona McMillan Banchory Acad   23:29 2:59
2nd Jane Lenton Banchory Acad   24:46 9:01
3rd Frances Wright Banchory Acad   25:08 3:59
4th Emily Nicholl Biggar HS   27:38 4:31
5th Katie Harrison Firrhill   42:11 12:11
6th Niamh Stewart Biggar HS   46:59 11:03
7th Kathryn Cockburn Firrhill   49:22 6:37
8th Caitlin Haile Biggar HS   50:00 11:01
9th Lyndsey Cackette Firrhill   50:29 8:40
10th Emma McGregor Firrhill   58:19 8:44