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7.5km 100m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st David Godfree INT M35 57:11
2nd Nick Barrable SYO M35 59:06
3rd Roger Goddard FVO M35 59:30
4th Fraser Purves FVO M40 63:19
5th Donald Petrie CLYDE M55 69:00
6th Patrick Walder CLYDE M40 70:35
7th Graeme Ackland INT M50 76:58
8th Clive Masson BAOC M40 78:10
9th Robert Daly GRAMP M55 78:25
10th Gary Longhurst FVO M50 81:08
11th Hanka Straube GER SVL W21 82:38
12th Mark Heikoop     82:59
13th Sarah-jane Gaffney SLOW W21 84:20
14th Trevor Hoey FVO M45 88:19
15th Noel Schorah DEE M50 102:07
16th Melvyn Perry AYROC M50 109:37
rtd Sean Wilkinson IND M40  
rtd Nick Fuller NO CLUB M40  
m11-19 Hui Yau-chiu Y2Y (HK) M21 93:34



5.5km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c Steve Nicholson FVO M40 44:18
1st Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M35 52:08
2nd Ian Ditchfield MV M55 53:03
3rd Kenneth Daly INT M50 56:19
4th Rupert Parkinson FVO M45 56:26
5th Remo Madella REM M40 60:15
6th Chris Dibben KFO M40 60:20
7th Blair Young TINTO M55 61:58
8th Mark Wood ESOC M40 63:17
9th Anne Straube OD W35 63:21
10th Keith Brown ESOC M50 63:33
11th Roger Garnett ESOC M60 64:27
12th Mark Holliday FVO M55 64:37
13th Ian Davidson CLYDE M55 64:50
14th Andy Paterson CLYDE M45 65:10
15th Neil Cameron NGOC M65 68:42
16th John Kewley MDOC M45 68:49
17th Rachel Kirkland INT W40 68:50
18th Neil Kitching FVO M45 69:16
19th Ian Mcintyre INT M45 69:47
20th Kathleen Inch FVO W40 71:21
21st Finlay Ross ESOC M45 74:47
22nd Donald Smith TAY M60 77:42
23rd Daniel Roth OD M40 78:01
24th Louise Longhurst FVO W45 85:53
25th David Kershaw ESOC M60 86:37
26th Val Belton CLYDE W55 87:47
27th Angela Dixon TAY W45 88:39
28th Mark Elder CLYDE M55 88:57
29th Martin Caldwell ESOC M55 89:02
30th Pat Squire INT M65 89:36
31st Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M60 91:09
32nd Robert Findlay ESOC M60 91:45
33rd Ian Pyrah ESOC M65 92:03
34th Helen James TINTO W45 94:32
35th Liz Brookes ELO W35 100:13
36th Sheila Strain ELO W60 105:38
37th William Bruce RR M55 105:53
38th Cheung Kwok-wai HKOC M21 109:42
39th Terry Johnstone ESOC M45 119:22
rtd Brian Smith KFO M50  
m7-11 Ho Chan-ho HKOX CC M21 93:47
m7-11 Fung Kit-ling HKOX CC W21 96:02
m3 Laing Chi-hang OS M21 110:33



4.0km 60m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c Dave Schorah DEE M21 29:47
1st Rose Hodkinson NOC W21 39:13
2nd Terry O'Brien STAG M50 43:02
3rd Ann Haley INT W45 45:46
4th Masayuki Tashiro SHIZUCKA OLC M45 47:03
5th Mike Pearson GRAMP M60 47:20
6th Tatsuyoshi Koizumi YOKYO OLC M45 48:57
7th Neil O'Gorman   M40 52:56
8th Amelia Petrie CLYDE W55 54:47
9th Bill Gauld ESOC M75 55:56
10th Alastair Lessells ESOC M65 56:00
11th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 56:57
12th Robin Strain ELO M60 57:08
13th Jane Ackland INT W45 57:34
14th Dick Carmichael TINTO M60 58:32
15th David Lane LINOC M55 62:39
16th Martina Fritzsche     63:58
17th Gerry Thomson STAG M55 64:12
18th Nicola Gardner WAOC W55 64:14
19th Simon Firth ESOC M35 66:12
20th Gordon Neilson ESOC M55 67:37
21st Trish Carmichael TINTO W60 68:41
22nd Andrew McHarg No Club M21 70:11
23rd Mike Polsen     72:02
24th Maggie Scrugham ESOC W50 73:29
25th Trina Rogerson ELO W60 73:34
26th Heather Smithard KFO W60 75:15
27th Jim Clark ESOC M75 77:04
28th Fiona Findlay ESOC W60 78:53
29th Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W65 79:36
30th Neil McMillan ELO M21 82:10
31st Lynn Easton CLYDE W40 83:48
32nd Janet Clark ESOC W70 89:24
33rd Anne Thom ESOC W60 99:34
34th Chris James NGOC M70 100:31
35th Hazel Sutherland IND W45 156:19
m11 Bill Melville TAY M70 55:25
m8-12 Tina Young INT W55 113:41

Light Green


3.2km 45m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Benjamin Parkinson FVO M12 40:43
2nd Jeff Goddard TAY M45 47:21
3rd James Ackland INT M14 51:03
4th Alison McQuillen FVO W40 55:20
5th Judith Bell ESOC W40 59:28
6th Penny Hicks FVO W45 61:14
7th David Matthews ESOC M55 72:43
8th Sterling Yates FVO M30 80:47
9th Dawn Goddard FVO W45 82:46
10th Katharine Melville TAY W65 87:00
11th R. MacKenzie INVOC W50 87:16
12th Ros Beck ESOC W55 94:44
13th Helen Parkinson FVO W40 96:44
rtd Andie & Jackie Caldwell ESOC    



3.0km 30m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Michael Stewart ESOC M50 39:34
2nd Emily Nicholson FVO W14 62:39
3rd Ewan Purves FVO M10 70:50
4th Kerry Wood ESOC W12 83:47
5th Chris Furse CLYDE M40 91:43
6th Ben Brown ESOC M12 108:44
rtd Brigitte Nilsen IND W21  
rtd Gillian James NGOC W65  
rtd Finlay Duncan KFO M12  
rtd Valerie Paterson CLYDE W40  
rtd Shannah Goddard TAY W12  



2.3km 15m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Rachel Brown ESOC W10 26:04
2nd Ross Family ESOC   40:15
3rd Chris Paterson + 1 GRAMP   49:06
rtd Louise Rattray IND W45  
rtd Erica Oxley FVO W14  



1.5km 10m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Robin Purves FVO M10 10:33
2nd Andrew Oxley FVO M10 13:30
3rd Michael Paterson     16:11
4th Charlie Rattray IND M10 16:32
5th Megan Brown ESOC W10 19:55
6th Sally Dudleston IND   26:24