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Points for the inter-club competition
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Photographs Thanks to Chris Spencer.



4.625km 160m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Daniel Stansfield FVO M16 32:32
2nd Sasha Chepelin GRAMP M16 34:18
3rd Callum White INVOC M16 35:09
4th Calum McLeod GRAMP M18 35:49
5th Jack Gomersall GRAMP M18 37:30
6th Andrew Barr MOR M16 38:11
7th Craig Nolan ESOC M18 38:19
8th Matthew Galloway INT M16 39:21
9th Thomas Wilson CLYDE M16 41:12
n/c Rebecca Harding EUOC W21 41:26
n/c Ross Lilley ECKO M40 44:05
10th Frances Wright MAROC W18 45:27
11th Briony Kincaid ECKO W16 45:40
n/c Rupert Parkinson FVO M45 45:43
n/c Neil Kitching FVO M45 46:05
12th Ewen Kerridge MAROC M16 46:53
13th Evelyn Mason MAROC W16 48:38
14th Murray Peden ECKO M18 48:47
n/c Alastair Matthewson INVOC M45 49:22
15th Katrina McLeod GRAMP W18 49:55
16th Alistair Walker MAROC M16 51:19
17th Jennifer Ricketts MAROC W16 51:35
18th Bronwyn Matthews MAROC W16 56:40
19th Gavin Williams ESOC M16 60:05
20th Iain Campbell MAROC M16 62:06
21st Cara McMurtrie MAROC W16 64:56
22nd Sam Lines ECKO M16 86:42
n/c Moira Laws TAY W70 105:11

Light Green


3.4km 120m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Callum Hunter ECKO M14 29:09
2nd Samuel Galloway INT M14 29:42
3rd Alex Carcas INT M14 30:36
4th Clare Stansfield FVO W14 31:35
n/c David Kirk GRAMP M45 31:50
5th Tom Lines ECKO M14 34:31
6th James Ackland INT M14 34:50
7th Kathryn Barr MOR W14 35:47
8th Ross McMurtrie MAROC M14 35:57
9th Abigail Mason MAROC W14 36:28
10th Emma Baird ECKO W14 36:45
11th Finlay Todd INVOC M14 38:28
12th Lindsay Robertson CLYDE W14 38:53
13th Emma Wilson CLYDE W14 39:40
14th Freddie Carcas INT M14 40:01
15th Ewan McMillan MAROC M14 40:23
16th Roanne Lilley ECKO W14 41:40
17th Neil Hope INVOC M14 41:49
18th Rowan White INVOC M14 43:28
19th Rosie Getliff MAROC W14 44:10
20th Hamish Weir MOR M14 44:32
21st Kate Wilkinson GRAMP W14 45:59
22nd Heather Walton INVOC W16 48:40
23rd Angus Lapslie TAY M14 50:47
24th Jamie Peden ECKO M14 56:54
25th Kenneth Maciver MOR M14 62:09
26th Laura Nicol TAY W14 62:51
27th Emily Watt TAY W14 67:52
28th William Parkinson FVO M16 70:08
29th Fraser Robertson TAY M14 73:39
30th Fiona Sutherland INT W16 83:40
31st Jade Dowell ECKO W14 86:32
32nd Logan Mathieson INVOC M14 87:27
33rd Molly Todd INVOC W14 94:29
m3-5 Keiran Watts INVOC M14 66:11



3.05km 115m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Grace Molloy FVO W12 25:55
2nd Jake Chapman MAROC M12 26:52
3rd Alistair Chapman MAROC M12 28:38
4th Joseph Wright MAROC M12 28:41
5th Paul Caffyn GRAMP M14 34:20
6th Robert Jenkins TAY M12 34:45
7th Eilidh Shearer ECKO W12 35:30
8th Benjamin Parkinson FVO M12 36:53
9th Damon Ogg MAROC M16 37:17
10th Solomon Baarda INVOC M12 37:30
11th Lachlan Kirk GRAMP M14 37:43
12th Alasdair Kitching FVO M16 37:46
13th Robbie Lason MAROC M14 38:02
14th Jura MacMillan ECKO W12 38:44
15th John Getliff MAROC M12 41:04
16th Rachel Keith INVOC W14 42:00
17th Cameron Young INVOC M14 42:27
18th Katie Skinner MAROC W14 44:00
19th Ben Brown ESOC M12 44:09
20th Jessica Mather FVO W14 44:37
21st Niaomi Lang GRAMP W12 44:51
22nd Jenny Blackwood INVOC W12 45:29
23rd Nathan McRae MOR M12 45:54
24th Amy Hamilton MAROC W14 46:38
25th Danny Skinner MAROC M12 50:02
26th Andrew Edward MOR M14 50:06
27th Ceri Powell ECKO W12 51:38
28th Alasdair Lilley ECKO M12 52:33
29th Keith Yardley GRAMP M12 53:01
30th Mairi Weir MOR W12 54:09
31st Jennifer Spencer MOR W12 55:04
32nd Duncan Hornsby MOR M12 56:00
33rd Carlos Zender-Fernandez MOR M14 56:13
34th Logan Mcintyre INT M12 57:24
35th Kirsty Sutherland INT W14 58:16
36th Finlay Downie TAY M12 60:46
37th Graeme Campbell MAROC M12 61:39
38th Laura Parkinson FVO W14 61:45
39th Laura Barraclough GRAMP W12 63:08
40th Emily Hunter ECKO W12 70:24
41st Euan Mackay ESOC M12 73:22
42nd Ailsa Anderson GRAMP W12 75:21
43rd Ewan Shearer ECKO M12 78:46
44th Mairi Eades INT W12 86:43
45th Ronan Blackwood INVOC M10 89:09
m4 Eloise Lardet FVO W12 36:35
m7-9 m14 Nathan Evans MOR M12 84:55
m12-15 Heather Robertson TAY W12 99:22

Yellow Boys


2.325km 95m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Peter Molloy FVO M10 15:31
2nd Dillan Thomson MAROC M14 19:17
3rd Luke Graham MAROC M12 19:53
4th Struan Kirk GRAMP M10 20:20
5th Calum Bowie MAROC M12 20:26
6th Matthew Gooch MAROC M10 20:42
7th Cian McBeath MAROC M14 21:33
8th Louis MacMillan ECKO M10 21:45
9th Daniel Birch MAROC M12 22:54
10th Jack Griffin MAROC M12 24:51
11th Pierre Lardet FVO M10 24:53
12th Will Blackburn MOR M12 25:11
13th Joseph Bartlett INT M12 25:55
14th Daniel Baird ECKO M10 28:24
15th Ewan Purves FVO M10 28:38
16th Leo Thomson MAROC M12 30:18
17th Aaron Quinn MOR M12 31:09
n/c Jamie Goddard FVO M10 31:26
18th Pablo Alvarez-Icaza INVOC M12 31:50
19th Connor Ogg MAROC M12 34:54
20th Peter Collins MAROC M12 35:44
n/c Gregor Mackay   M7 35:52
21st Timmy Miller MOR M12 37:34
22nd Louis Easton MAROC M14 38:13
n/c Daniel Duffy ESOC M10 39:47
23rd Sorley Todd INVOC M10 40:00
24th Robin Purves FVO M10 40:05
25th Lewis Barber MOR M10 41:18
26th Grant McMurtrie MAROC M10 50:35
27th David Downie TAY M10 106:34
rtd Euan Walker MOR M10  
m2 Callum Maciver MOR M10 29:01
m8-9 Ellis Hunter ECKO M10 29:33
m13 James Mathie ESOC M10 31:37
m8 Gavin Kitching FVO M12 33:06
m10-11 James Carter MOR M12 33:09
m8 Moray Taylor INVOC M12 33:53
m5-9 Eric Todd INVOC M10 42:13
m7-13 Duncan Will GRAMP M10 86:21

Yellow Girls


2.15km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Pippa Carcas INT W10 21:32
2nd Megan Keith INVOC W10 22:49
3rd Iona McBeath MAROC W12 23:04
4th Lucie Duffy ESOC W14 23:10
5th Phoebe Schouten MAROC W12 24:15
6th Orla Thomson MAROC W14 24:23
7th Lizzie Stansfield FVO W10 24:37
8th Nina Hutcheon MAROC W10 26:31
9th Eilidh Campbell MAROC W12 26:41
10th Rachel Brown ESOC W10 27:02
11th Zoe Hutcheon MAROC W12 28:54
12th Freda Matthewson INVOC W12 29:07
13th Josie Gomersall GRAMP W12 31:19
14th Anais Lau INVOC W12 31:26
15th Kirsty Campbell MAROC W12 32:51
16th Edie Matthewson INVOC W10 33:43
17th Amber Graham MAROC W10 34:25
18th Alice Wilson CLYDE W10 36:47
19th Rona Shearer ECKO W10 42:58
20th Fiona Eades INT W10 92:45
m9-10 Lorna Mackay   W10 48:16