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WinSplits Analyse your preformance on each leg
BOF How many ranking points will you get
SoSOL Where are you placed in the South of Scotland League
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Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Simon Gardner WAOC M21 43:39
2nd Roger Goddard FVO M35 44:46
3rd Jamie Stevenson FVO M20 45:08
4th David Robertson CLYDE M45 45:40
5th Ben Hartman INT M40 47:03
6th Andrew Dalgleish ESOC M21 47:30
n/c Hollie Orr CLYDE W21 48:52
7th Donald Petrie CLYDE M55 49:16
8th Graeme Ackland INT M50 49:17
9th Andrew Lindsay ESOC M18 49:28
10th Arnis Saltums CLYDE M21 50:16
11th Robin Orr CLYDE M50 50:27
12th Robin Galloway INT M45 51:04
13th Barry Veitch RR M40 51:25
14th Ian Maxwell RR M50 51:39
15th Steven McHarg INT M21 51:50
16th Patrick Walder CLYDE M40 52:14
17th Craig Nolan ESOC M18 52:15
18th Kenneth Milton CLYDE M40 53:51
19th Alex Kemp CLYDE M35 53:56
20th Steve Wilson CLYDE M45 54:17
21st James Martin ESOC M40 54:33
22nd Gordon Hale GRAMP M21 54:58
23rd Tyler Morrison ESOC M21 56:15
24th Mark Rowe ESOC M35 57:09
25th Phil Smithard KFO M65 58:51
26th Roderick Kong EUOC M21 60:34
27th Crawford Lindsay ESOC M55 60:44
28th John Emeleus KFO M40 61:23
29th Kirsten Strain EUOC W21 62:40
30th Terry Johnstone ESOC M45 63:00
31st Ian Davidson CLYDE M55 63:29
32nd Euan Mackenzie ESOC M50 71:31
33rd Andrew McHarg IND M21 73:32
34th Angela Dixon TAY W45 90:17




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Galloway INT M16 38:27
2nd Kirstin Maxwell EUOC W20 40:20
3rd Rona Lindsay ESOC W18 40:38
4th Ben Stansfield FVO M40 41:33
5th Colin Eades INT M45 41:39
6th Max Carcas INT M40 41:58
7th Alastair Dunlop CLYDE M35 42:01
8th Michael Stewart ESOC M50 42:02
9th Paul Caban INT M45 42:36
10th Thomas Wilson CLYDE M16 44:25
11th Heather Thomson ESOC W35 44:47
12th Sean Wilkinson IND M40 45:15
13th Fiona Forrest RR W35 45:43
14th Jane Ackland INT W45 45:52
15th Frank Popham KFO M35 45:56
16th Keith Dawson INT M50 46:10
17th Heather Hartman INT W40 46:12
18th Martin Caldwell ESOC M55 46:30
19th Clive Masson ESOC M40 47:13
20th Keith Brown ESOC M50 47:25
21st Helena Nolan ESOC W45 47:44
22nd David Allison STAG M50 48:05
23rd Jim Hart ESOC M45 48:08
24th Roger Scrutton ESOC M65 48:12
25th Andy Lewsley BL M55 48:16
26th Stella Lewsley BL W55 48:21
27th Andy Paterson CLYDE M45 48:47
28th Andrew Armstrong RR M55 49:23
29th Andreas Wilhelm INT M40 49:46
30th Tim O'Donoghue SOLWAY M60 49:47
31st Roger Garnett ESOC M60 50:42
32nd Gillian Findlay ESOC W21 51:22
33rd Robert Philp KFO M65 51:26
34th Rachel Wilson CLYDE W45 51:57
35th Ian Pyrah ESOC M65 52:00
36th Rachel Kirkland INT W40 52:04
37th Anita Laidlaw KFO W35 52:10
38th Marnoch Hamilton-Jones GRAMP M20 52:26
39th David Kershaw ESOC M60 53:22
40th Jason Simpson STAG M35 53:40
41st Lorna Eades INT W45 53:41
42nd Lucy Galloway INT W45 54:03
43rd Jen Leonard FVO W40 54:10
44th Pete Younger ELO M55 55:36
45th Barry Owen INT M65 55:38
46th Pat Squire INT M65 57:07
47th Sheila Strain ELO W60 57:08
48th Charles Woodward AYROC M55 57:12
49th Les Dalgleish ESOC M60 57:33
50th Donald Smith TAY M60 59:33
51st William Bruce RR M55 67:28
52nd Tricia Woodward AYROC W55 67:38
53rd Robert Findlay ESOC M60 68:59
54th Andrew Macpherson CLYDE M45 77:38
55th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 79:17
m26 David Jones ESOC M45 46:52




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Terry O'Brien STAG M50 32:21
2nd Alex Carcas INT M14 32:22
3rd Ann Haley INT W45 33:54
4th Mike Pearson GRAMP M60 36:19
5th Brian Smith KFO M50 36:33
6th Jack Poole ELO M16 37:47
7th David Lane LINOC M55 38:01
8th Eileen Maxwell RR W45 38:06
9th Josie Stansfield FVO W40 39:28
10th Jim Moffat KFO M60 40:00
11th Liz Brookes ELO W35 40:05
12th Robin Strain ELO M60 40:08
13th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 40:10
14th Bill Stevenson ESOC M60 40:18
15th Pascal Lardet FVO M45 41:15
16th Amelia Petrie CLYDE W55 41:42
17th Fiona Weir INT W40 42:00
18th Bill Melville TAY M70 42:25
19th Alan Bothwell TAY M50 42:54
20th Sally Lindsay ESOC W55 43:28
21st Calvin Crane ESOC M55 43:50
22nd Brent Macgregor IND M60 44:04
23rd Simon Firth ESOC M35 44:57
24th Dawn Goddard FVO W45 45:02
25th Jeni Rowe ESOC W35 45:19
26th Heather Smithard KFO W60 46:12
27th Gerard Thomson STAG M55 47:31
28th Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W65 49:20
29th Liz Orr CLYDE W50 49:28
30th Fiona Hendrie FVO W50 50:49
31st Morag McIntyre INT W50 51:24
32nd Val Finch FVO W60 52:12
33rd Trina Rogerson ELO W60 52:42
34th Fiona Findlay ESOC W60 53:14
35th Neil McMillan ELO M21 54:09
36th Jim Clark ESOC M75 54:34
37th Ian Hendrie FVO M60 54:36
38th Ian McCubbin TAY M55 54:46
39th Helen O'Donoghue SOLWAY W50 56:37
40th Katy Lessells ESOC W60 56:39
41st Janet Clark ESOC W70 58:41
42nd Jim Morrison ESOC M55 59:09
43rd Pavel Stroev ESOC M21 63:08
44th Pam Clelland AYROC W60 63:17




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Samuel Galloway INT M14 26:36
2nd Emma Wilson CLYDE W14 27:27
3rd Freddie Carcas INT M14 27:55
4th James Ackland INT M14 28:35
5th Lindsay Robertson CLYDE W14 30:05
6th Clare Stansfield FVO W14 30:44
7th David Matthews ESOC M55 35:50
8th Simon Wakefield IND M40 36:10
9th Judith Bell ESOC W40 36:16
10th Anne Thom ESOC W60 44:38
11th Claire Macpherson CLYDE W21 46:09
12th Ailsa O'Donoghue SOLWAY W14 50:06
13th Maureen Brown FVO W65 53:25
14th Ray Heyworth INT M80 54:41
15th Katharine Melville TAY W65 58:39
16th Jackie Caldwell ESOC W55 68:29




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Calum Urquhart GEORGE HERIOT'S SCHOOL M14 22:29
2nd Eloise Lardet FVO W12 23:33
3rd Lizzie Stansfield FVO W10 23:37
4th Jessica Mather FVO W14 24:56
5th Lucy Hart + 1 ESOC W13 26:58
6th Kerry Wood ESOC W12 27:22
7th Ben Brown ESOC M12 30:45
8th Lorna Allison STAG W40 33:16
9th Mairi Eades INT W12 34:07
10th Euan Wakefield IND M13 36:11
11th Les Smithard KFO M60 41:17
12th Callum Mcintyre INT M14 58:44




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
n/c James Ackland INT M14 10:40
n/c Calum Urquhart GHSOC M14 12:32
1st Alice Wilson CLYDE W10 15:10
2nd Orla Busby + 1 GHSOC W13 17:21
3rd Pierre Lardet FVO M10 18:22
4th Rachel Brown ESOC W10 23:19
5th Pippa Carcas INT W10 26:18
6th Jamie Mccarlie (Ian) INT M6 29:16
7th Mister X     29:18




Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jamie Goddard FVO M10 10:42
2nd Leah Bartlett INT M10 13:04
3rd Jessie Philp INT W10 13:09
4th James Hartman INT M10 13:26
5th Sam Bartlett INT M10 15:23
6th Daniel Philp INT M6 15:29
7th Isla O'Donoghue SOLWAY W10 16:27
8th Kirsty Owen INT W10 16:28
9th Kirsten Robertson CLYDE W8 18:51
10th Megan Brown ESOC W10 19:04
11th Katie Mccarlie (+Karen) INT W4 23:06
12th Fiona Eades INT W10 27:31
13th Edward Philp INT M3 28:51
14th Andrew Stroev IND M5 36:22
15th Skye & Sofia IND   36:27