Edinburgh Big Weekend

Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Saturday 21st January, 2012

Sunday 22nd January, 2012

Edinburgh City Race

South of Scotland Orienteering League

 WinSplits  Splitsbrowser 


 WinSplits  Splitsbrowser 

The results for the both days are now on the British Orienteering website.

If your points are missing it is probably because we do not have your BOF number. Please email me, Robin Strain

I made a mistake putting control11 of courseA onto the RouteGadget map. You will have to pretend you ran over the olive green to get to the control.
Routegadget needed three versions, One for the "normal" courses, one for the courses with Butterfly loop and another for the Micr-O section.
Winsplits does not cope well with the butterflies

More details are on the EUOC Legends Big Weekend  site.


 League points will be on the web site of
East of Scotland Orienteering Association

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