Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Galloway INT M16 28:50
2nd Ben Hartman INT M40 29:29
3rd Graeme Ackland INT M50 29:50
4th Alex Carcas INT M14 34:30
5th Steven McHarg INT M21 35:24
6th Max Carcas INT M40 35:58
7th Heather Hartman INT W40 36:19
8th Stella Lewsley BL W55 37:42
9th Helen Bridle ESOC W21 38:35
10th Andy Lewsley BL M55 38:44
11th Martin Caldwell ESOC M55 38:48
12th Jane Ackland INT W45 38:51
13th D. Stobie IND M45 39:40
14th= Finlay Ross ESOC M45 40:36
14th= Jim Hart ESOC M45 40:36
16th Michael Stewart ESOC M50 41:22
17th Alastair Lessells ESOC M65 42:18
18th Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M60 44:26
19th Patrick Squire INT M65 44:56
20th Terry Johnstone ESOC M45 45:58
21st Samuel Galloway INT M12 46:01
22nd Jack Poole ELO M16 46:54
23rd= Pete Younger ELO M55 47:49
23rd= Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 47:49
25th Rachel Fawthrop ESOC W45 48:08
26th Freddie Carcas INT M14 48:16
27th Euan Mackenzie ESOC M50 48:51
28th Simon Riley     50:19
29th Lucy Galloway INT W45 50:52
30th Andrew McHarg   M21 51:29
31st Brent MacGregor IND M60 52:00
32nd Robert Findlay ESOC M60 55:01
33rd Simon Firth ESOC M35 58:09
34th Felicity Housert and Jean-Claude Houbert IND   61:42
35th Gabriella Lindergard ESOC W45 74:51
36th Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W65 77:29
37th Fiona Sutherland INT W14 79:03
38th Andie and Jackie Caldwell ESOC W14 110:49
dnf James Ackland INT M14  


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Saartje Drijver ELO W45 33:43
2nd Cath Brookes ELO W45 36:12
3rd Sue Langlands   W35 38:39
4th Fiona Findlay ESOC W60 39:06
5th Chris Booth IND W55 39:16
6th Janet Clark ESOC W70 40:38
7th Andrew MacDonald ESOC M35 41:21
8th= Calum Urquhart   M14 42:06
8th= Emma Anderson and Kirsty Sutherland INT W12 42:06
10th Sebastian Mitchell IND M14 42:29
11th Stuart, Lewis and James Burns IND   44:26
12th John Fraser   M12 45:58
13th Lucy Hart ESOC W13 48:16
14th Katie Belton ELO W16 49:08
15th Peter Watts + 2 ESOC M35 50:27
16th Cunningham & Gray     51:17
17th Hyslop and Patterson IND   53:37
18th Alan Hogg, Lewis Hogg and Tom Mullen IND M9 53:38
19th Jo and Daisy Watts ESOC W10 55:37
20th Ray Heyworth INT M80 58:01
21st Max MacDonald &Daniel ESOC M12 58:11
22nd Swindon family     59:43
23rd Martha Duncan IND M16 62:55
24th Scott and Naomi Kerr IND   69:43
25th Iain Rose   M9 73:35
26th Calum Rose   M7 73:52
27th Colin, Fergus, Joannah Duncan IND   74:58
28th Mairi Eades INT W12 79:19
29th Whitely family     84:07
30th Amelia Leitch and family IND W3 84:17
31st Varinder Sud IND   84:51
32nd Suman, Ty and Myan Sud IND   85:40
33rd Daniel Leitch IND M7 91:21


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st James Hartman INT M7 17:47
2nd Hannah Urquhart     19:11
3rd Katie Belton ELO W16 21:13
4th Michael Swinton IND M12 23:10
5th Daisy belton   W14 24:50
6th Stuart & James Burns   M7 26:19
7th Daniel Mathie ESOC M6 27:42
8th Lewis Burns   M12 28:16
9th Benji (and Duncan) Edmondson IND M6 29:07
10th Duncan Riley     29:43
11th Iona Riley     29:51
12th Pippa Carcas INT W10 30:26
13th Freya and Abi Edmondson IND W3 33:33
14th Angus Noble IND M14 33:38
15th Ann Ashcroft   W60 34:17
16th Callum Booth-Lewis IND M12 37:45
17th Hart & Gilchrist ESOC   38:02
18th Peter Fawthrop ESOC M12 39:36
19th Alex, Melinda, Calum, Miah Garvie IND   39:42
20th Neil, Tom, Adam and David Watson IND M9 40:52
21st Jake Dale, Eilidh Dale, Kate Maynard, Matt Dale IND   42:24
22nd Karyn, Rachel, Mike and Finlay Malcom-Smith IND   44:36
23rd R, J, M, M and D Stobie IND   44:50
24th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M8 50:43
25th Joseph Lawlor ESOC M10 50:45
26th Rowan, Paul, Senan Lawlor and L.Hutchinson ESOC M10 51:56
27th= Pere Tenesa Navarro     65:49
27th= Alba Tenesa Navarro     65:49
29th Skye Clark   W11 110:06
30th Sofia Chari   W12 112:59
dnf Gaynor Carly & Kaitlin      


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alan + Lewis + Thomas     9:28
2nd George Gray & Rowan Cummingham ESOC   10:40
3rd Lisa Bruce Gardye IND W10 12:28
4th Rachel and Emma Godfree INT W4 14:24
5th Family Hartman     15:00
6th Grace Swinton IND W12 16:37
7th Heidi Ross ESOC W14 17:06
8th Hudson Family     17:35
9th Daisy Belton   W14 21:07
10th James Mathie ESOC M8 21:30
11th Fiona Eades and Talia Petit INT W10 22:20
12th Lesley, Kevin, Edith and Niamh Kennedy IND   25:03
13th Robbie Dalgleish   M12 31:15
14th Rosa Cabello     73:49
15th Harry Cabello     73:52
16th AimeeKerr + Flora Fraser   W8 74:58