East Lothian Orienteers

Festive Frolic

Tuesday 28th December 2010
Yellowcraig, Dirleton

Provisional Results

Clues to control letters (pdf)


Thanks for coming to our Festive Frolic despite the short notice and the dreadful (but wrong) weather forecast. 

The plan, as ever, was to find something which would keep the best of you active and interested for an hour in a small area.

In retrospect the instructions could have been tweaked slightly and I am not sure that the weighting of points/ bonuses and penalties was right. Should you have been allowed to "forget" a control punched in error? 

Congratulations to the Prizewinners, especially Mark and Graeme who exceeded what I thought would be possible.

The results processing software, Autodownload, doesn't seem to like the idea of revisiting a control on purpose during a score type event and such controls are missing from the list in the results. We think that we have taken them into account when working out the bonuses
I am note sure there is any point in putting the results into Routegadget, but if two or more of you ask me to do it, I will see what can be done.
Contact Robin Strain if there are any queries