South of Scotland Orienteering League

Event 9

East Lothian Orienteers

Sunday 15th March  2009

Binning Wood

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Planner’s comments

I looked forward to planning Binning with an updated map – my first ESOL plan was in Binning (also with Katy as Controller) and the rhododendrons had spread significantly since the 1992 map was drawn.

  The rhododendron spread must have presented a challenge for the mapper (at what size does a bush have to be to be identified as a dark green dot). One challenge for me was not to have too many thicket controls and to make sure that those chosen were represented accurately on the map.

Another challenge was to fit the longer courses onto a relatively small area without too much confusion / duplication. The double map and using the path network to give route choice (along with the weather) hopefully made your run enjoyable.

  Thanks to Katy for her help and patience as the event was nearing with no courses to check and to Robin for assisting with the over-printing and finally to Trina and all the helpers that contributed to a smooth-running event.

  Dave Northcot

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