East Lothian Orienteers

Festive Frolic

Monday 28th December 2009
Yellowcraig, Dirleton

Provisional Results

Alphabet Challenge Results Summary

Complete results and Split times

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Simple answers


Thanks for coming to our Festive Frolic despite the state of the roads. You were rewarded by seeing Yellowcraig in all its winter glory.  From the comments we received you seemed to enjoy the extra challenge which enabled us to keep you active for 60 minutes in a small area.
The results of the Alphabet Challenge were clear cut for the winners; Mark, Ollie and Margaret. Below them, the situation is complicated by the fact that many of you were too preoccupied with the puzzles that you forgot to punch, or you punched extra controls, or you took more than 60 minutes. We have produced a table showing how many you got in sequence from the start until your first missing control and also who many you got right in total. For the AutoDownload version of the results, the Alphabet Challenge has been changed to a 60 minute score event. This makes comparisons easier, but does not penalise punches out of order. We hope that the enjoyment of the day came from the challenge rather than getting one over a rival. If anyone wants to analyse the results further I can provide raw(er) data.
We will publish the puzzles soon, so that you see what we thought were unambiguous and straightforward and you can try them on your friends
Sheila and Robin
Contact Robin Strain if there are any queries