South of Scotland Orienteering League

Event 5

East Lothian Orienteers

Sunday 24th February, 2008

John Muir Country Park

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Organiser’s report

After the gales of the preceding days the weather was kind to us – still gusty but dry and sunny during the event. And what else would you expect at "sunny Dunny"? 

There was a good turnout and many competitors made appreciative comments regarding Trina's courses. No one got lost and there were no injuries reported. 

A stray piece of tape did unfortunately distract a few competitors on Blue and Brown. We decided not to disregard their errors as the tape was clearly not at the site of the actual control - which was itself correctly mapped and described.

As a first time Organiser my job was made easy by the efforts and expertise of others. The biggest challenge for me was entering the mysterious world of the String course for the first time. 

Many thanks to all those who cheerfully helped beforehand and on the day – especially to John Barrow as Controller and Trina Rogerson as Planner - and also to other ELO members and their families and friends.

Pete Younger
East Lothian Orienteers

Planner's report

It was a pleasure to have the time to get to grips with Spike Island using Dave Northcott's intricately remapped areas.  Most people seem to have enjoyed their run, and it was useful to get some ideas on how to tweak things in future.  

Apologies for the misplaced tape for control 157, which confused a few people on the blue and brown courses.  The tape was situated directly above the beach, 25 metres away on the other (northern) side of the reentrant from the actual control site, but still, it's a pity we overlooked it

Trina Rogerson
East Lothian Orienteers

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