Street O

Interlopers will again be having a small programme of Wednesday evening
Street Os.  There will be:
May 23rd - Swanspring & Caiystane - Squire Household, Swanspring Avenue.
June 6th - Buckstone - Galloway Household, Whitedales.
June 20th - Hunter's Tryst - Godfree Household, Tryst Park.

Starts will be from 18:30 until 19:15.  Entry fee probably 1.00.
The format will be one course, but with a noted cut-off for those wishing
a shorter run.  As well as woodlands and parklands, the events will use -
and cross - roads, and as such are not suitable for the non-traffic
trained, such as very young, unaccompanied juniors.  In all cases
competitors should give priority to traffic.

More details will follow