East Lothian Orienteers

Satuday 27th October 2007

Barns Ness


East of Scotland Orienteering Association   


It was good to see so many of you at barns Ness today and we hoped that you enjoyed your courses. We were slightly overwhelmed when taking entries and we might have suggested that some of you tried an easier course first. So don't get disheartened if you didn't manage to find all of the controls.

We have decided to reinstate those of you who visited RJ instead of QS. There had been a late change to the course and the correction was not clear enough on the maps you were copying.

Control GI was possibly 50m too far west. The dunes are rather indistinct and the control had been positioned using the road junction. However the junction is not as mapped anymore. The fact that it was visible from the road is no consolation to those who could not find it. Again we have credited you all with finding it.

If you still had problem controls you can see your finish time and how your time for individual legs compared with other by looking at the Splits or at the WinSplits website

Hope to see many of you at Yellowcraig next month.

Sheila and Robin Strain

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