Tinto Orienteering Club   

19th Tinto Twin

4th/5th November 2006

Night Event
Stone Hill

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   Day Event
Fir Park

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Overall Results

Comment on results
Due to the problems with control 165, the legs to and from this control have been removed from the results.
The split time results as displayed in WinSplits and SplitsBrowser cannot cope with this removal.

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Day Controller's Report
It was very encouraging to see such a large turnout of orienteers for this event especially the juniors competing for the area championships. Such a young team captain for the West area, Joe Cherry, shows promising qualities of leadership!
With about 50 mins to go before the first start we found that 4 controls had been interfered with and willfully thrown away so replacing them rather occupied our time. I suspect a local dog walker, with a grievance of some description, was the culprit. Time or the lack of it , was partly responsible for the error, on my part, of placing control 165 in the wrong location. Reconnaisance of the map and of control sites was cut short and hence the error. Fortunately, the competitors times were altered electronically and a results list was produced that allowed Tinto club to award the trophies for the courses affected.

I was somewhat surprised to learn that there is a minimal number of members in the club and it says a lot for their commitment to the sport that they organise such demanding events as the Tinto Twin. Moreover as the organiser, Marjorie, added; the computer expertise of Robin Strain and Jackie is essential to the smooth running of an event.

My thanks to the competitors on courses 9 and 10 affected by the misplaced control, for not complaining too loudly and thanks to all competitors for running in this 19th Tinto Twin.

Eddie Harvey, ESOC.

Night Planner's Report
Stonehill wood was felled in the mid 1990's and replanted and was getting particularly thick so starting in the spring we borrowed the services of the local moto cross bikers club to make trails and open up the rides. They cut two tunnels through the green up either side of the hill and they worked in a bikers trial event held in early June with 40 + contestants. Alan Goodall made his survey in September and Ocad 8 arrived at last on the 13 year old original map made by Contours. We used as many path route choices as possible and used the best parts of the map trying to avoid the impenetrable thick bits. The taped route from the last control was cut, taped and partially carpeted but still some lost their way on the tapes. Equally the ride to the last 4 controls on courses 5 and 6 ended in thick green and was shown marginally longer than actual so this required a navigation fight to the cleared area. We tried to cut this route to help with this but stopped short of a marked route. Most competitors made it through but some got stuck and decided to bale out and go round. Apologies to those who lost time on this leg.

The weather was great and the winning times exactly as expected. Stonehill provided a good night challenge and a complete contrast to the TT day event at Fir Park. Many thanks to Ian Pyrah for his very thorough controlling and new map checking assistance.

Dick Carmichael.

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