Scottish Score Championships

Beecraigs, 26th November 2006. 
Organised by LINOC.


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Scottish Inter-Club Competition

Large Clubs -  ESOC, FVO,GRAMP 

 Small Clubs - TINTO, RR, KFO 

Summary of Results  
Full list of SICC points

Controller's Comments

Starting on the positive it was great to see LINOC returning to hosting events and all of the organising team were pleased to hear the positive comments about the event.

There was, of course, the more contentious issue of the mandatory crossing points. Hindsight is a wonderful asset and it is clear that there were a number of ways in which this could have been made more user-friendly.

That having been said, the final instructions stated that these crossing points existed for safety reasons and the description sheet also had the details, as well as the sanction for those who failed to follow the instructions.

The “main” mistake made was crossing the road at or near the car park between controls.

On the day I spent time attempting to formulate a compromise position that would be fair to everyone but having considered the position further and consulted widely I have come to the conclusion that the only “fair” thing to do is to stick to the previously published sanction of removing the points gained in the section involved. For most people affected, this involves the loss of either 60 or 80 points.

I can only apologise for the confusion all of this has caused and hope that it doesn’t detract too much from what seemed to be and enjoyable adventure for most competitors.

Blair Young, TINTO

Planner's Comments
to appear shortly

Organisers' Comments
We hope you all enjoyed our event on Sunday, for once the weather was kind.

Apologies for some rough areas and road crossings causing some problems, measures taken were for safety reasons.

We could not have managed to put on the event without help from so many. It was very much appreciated. 
Particular thanks to the following:
    David Lane for Planning
    Paul Caban for organising the pre-entry and Paul, Janet and John for general help on the day.
    Blair, Lorna and Family, also Gerry from Tinto
    Ros Beck & helpers for organising and running the String Course
    Alistair Lessells and his start team
    Robin, Sheila and Roger who all ensured results went smoothly
    Eddie Harvey for risking his body on the busy road crossing

John & Doreen Biggar

Comment on results

The fact that the clock inside control number 197 was at the wrong time changed the points for some runners. We have estimated an approximate time for all runners who visited this control.

The calculations which have been used to calculate the SICC points on Sunday were flawed. As each error has been detected and corrected the lead has swapped between ESOC and FVO and between RR and TINTO. 

Unless there is an appeal to British Orienteering, IOF or the European Court of Justice, these should now be the final results.

Contact Robin Strain if there are any undiscovered problems

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