East of Scotland Championships

Organised by Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Holyrood Park
23rd October 2005

Slightly less provisional results

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(Assistant) Controller's Report

Well done to the members of EUOC for putting on their event cheerfully in fairly unpleasant conditions. If it had not been for the problem with control 192 on Green, Blue and Brown, I would have been saying that it had gone very well, with people being complimentary about their courses.  Murray put a lot of effort last week in making corrections to the map and in  fine-tuning Kyle's courses particularly where the extra gorse had hidden some of the original control sites.

Congratulations should also be given to Murray, Fiona, and the rest of EUOC for putting on two events in two days, and indeed for the whole idea of linking relays with the East of Scotland Championships.

The mistake with 192 was caused fundamentally by the necessity to leave the putting out of controls till the morning of the event, and thus not having enough time to solve problems.  When I arrived at the site to check it at about 10 am the T-bar was not there. I  spent some time searching unsuccessfully for it  then heard by phone that  it had been missed out the bundle and was being brought up.  I put several more strands of red tape in the correct location, and continued on my way as I still had at least half the controls to check.  Unfortunately, despite the red tape, the T-bar was put some 50m away, lower and to the east, and was not put in the correct place till the competition was all but over.  Regretfully I have to accept full responsibility for not ensuring that all controls were in the correct place.

Those who found the T-bar first, generally punched and ran off without realising it was in the wrong place. Some who found the red tape just noted that there was no T-bar and continued but some who found the red tape straight away still spent time searching around for the T-bar.  Thus I feel I either have to void the affected courses, or by the wonders of Sportident, subtract the times of the legs to and from control 192 and I have chosen to do the latter.

As very few people had waited around for the prizegiving it was agreed to postpone it till next Sunday at South Achray.

Sheila Strain

Notes on Results

If any runner entered as a colour-course but should have been entering by age-class to be considered for the East of Scotland Championships, please let Murray know by  emailing rocky @ murraystraining.co.uk

On Brown and Green I have removed the time from 241 to 193 from the final times. On Blue I have adjusted the start time to be the time at 245. The split times have not been changed to reflect the changes.

Note added 1830 24/10/05
The results published yesterday for Blue course runners entered in the Blue class were wrong as were the results for Brown and Green course runners who had failed to punch 192. I am sorry that I hadn't checked things carefully enough and thanks are due to Ian Pyrah who spotted the error (perhaps because he wasn't in his rightful place as ESOA M60 Champion).

Robin Strain